Staff Hosted Giveaway - #3 (ENDED)

 Staff Hosted Giveaway - #3

 Head on over to our Staff Hosted Giveaway - #3 by clicking the title above!

Hosted by  Karolina and supplied by various members of staff, there's always something interesting to win! Remember that anyone with 25 posts or more can join in on the fun.

Giveaway #3 is centered around Hidden Ability and Egg Move Pokémon in Beast Balls! The four Pokémon —Eevee, Dratini, Riolu, and Alolan Vulpix. There are also different amounts of Raikou & Entei and Xerneas & Yveltal codes up for grabs for those in North America, not to mention a couple of other surprises!

Winners will be announced on June 5th!

Feel free to comment about the event here, but remember that you need to enter in the thread! 



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