Route 11

Wild Pokémon on Route 11
Hariyama Fight 22-23 Common.
Chingling Psychc 21 Uncommon.
Stunky PoisonDark 21
11 (Horde)
Uncommon. Can also uncommonly show up in a horde (5x Stunky).
Sawk Fight 22-23 Common. Pokémon X only.
Throh Fight 22-23 Common. Pokémon Y only.
Dedenne ElectrFairy 21-22 Rare. More likely to encounter if a Pokémon with Static leads your party.
Nidoran  Poison 11 (Horde) Common. Only appears in a horde (4x Nidoran ♂, 1x Nidoran ♀).
Nidoran  Poison 11 (Horde) Common. Only appears in a horde (1x Nidoran ♀, 4x Nidoran ♂).
Nidorino Poison 21 Uncommon.
Nidorina Poison 21 Rare.
Starly NormalFlying 12 (Horde) Rare. Only appears in a horde (5x Starly).
Staravia NormalFlying 22-23 Common.

Route 11 is a very short route, yet there's still a lot to do here. From the start of the route, you should quickly notice a Berry Tree right beside a Psychic. It's a Sitrus Berry tree, which will give you one Sitrus Berry each week, although you can plant Sitrus Berries in the Berry Fields on Route 7 to get an abundance of them. Definitely save your Sitrus Berry for that purpose rather than using it right away, as otherwise they're hard to come by.

Psychic Emanuel uses a Solosis L24 and a Sigilyph L24. The Sigilyph may be a bit troublesome to take down, as it is rather sturdy and hits hard with Psybeam. After beating him, be sure to pick up the hidden Super Potion hiding in the crystal shard right by the steps.

Just past the steps you'll find Battle Girl Gerardine, who uses a Mienfoo L28.

Keep following the path past Gerardine until you see some more steps leading north with a crystal shard to the left. As you approach it, you'll receive a Holo Clip message from Professor Sycamore, saying you should check out the Evolution Guru in Shalour City while you're there.

If you have Cut, you can use it to cut down the shrub to the left, which takes you to a slope leading to TM69 Rock Polish, a move that raises the user's Speed by two stages. You'll have to hop down the ledge and then make your way back to where you were, though, if you want to get it, but you might as well.

Back at the steps, you'll have to fight in a Double Battle against Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly, who use a Mr. Mime L26 and Machoke L28. This can be a bit of a tricky fight if you aren't prepared for it, so handle it with caution!

After you've taken them down, you'll be right at the entrance to the Reflection Cave. However, head on over to the southeast and you'll find a path through the grass leading to a Hyper Potion as well as some stairs going up to a Sky Battle. Before the Sky Battle, though, be sure to pick up the hidden Thunder Stone in the crystal shard.

Sky Trainer Yvette can be fought by stepping in the top-center of the plateau the stairs led you to, and she uses an Emolga L23, a Wingull L23, and a Staravia L24. The Emolga in particular can pose a major problem for your Pokémon, as its Electric-type moves will hurt, and it also packs Acrobatics to hit for some very heavy damage.

Anyway, heal up if you need to, then head on into the Reflection Cave!


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