Route 8 (Lower)

Ambrette Town

Before heading to the lower part of Route 8, you'll need to pass through Ambrette Town, and while you're there, it would be a great time to revive your Fossil. Simply talk to the guy at the counter in the Fossil Lab right near the entrance to Route 9 and he'll revive any Fossil you have. You don't even have to have room in your party, as he'll send it straight to your PC if you have a full party (you won't be given the option to nickname it if that happens, but you can just bring it to the Name Rater in Camphrier Town should you want to nickname it). Any revived Pokémon will be at level 20.

Before leaving the lab, make sure you talk to the scientist to the right, over by all of the bookshelves. He'll give you the Aerodactylite, a Mega Stone that will eventually allow you to Mega Evolve your Aerodactyl (revived via Old Amber, found in the Glittering Cave by smashing rocks) into Mega Aerodactyl.

Anyway, head on into the Ambrette Aquarium adjacent to the Pokémon Center, down the stairs (talk to the Fisherman by the Magikarp statue to get the Old Rod if you haven't gotten it already!), and then head out the door onto Route 8!

Route 8

Wild Pokémon on Route 8 (Lower)
Dwebble BugRock 18-20 Common. Only found by using Rock Smash.
Binacle RockWater 18, 20 Uncommon. Only found by using Rock Smash.
Fishing Pokémon on Route 8 (Lower)
Luvdisc Water 15 Always found when fishing with the Old Rod.

Keep following the path until you reach the beach. From there, you can head west and hug the coast by the cliff until you reach the shore of Ambrette Town, where a Pearl can be found sitting down at the bottom of the cliff.

There aren't any wild Pokémon in tall grass on this part of Route 8, but you can find Dwebble as well as the less common Binacle by smashing rocks, plus Luvdisc is available by using the Old Rod in the water.

Northwest of the start is a berry tree that will drop a single Mago Berry each week. Go ahead and pick it, then plant it back on Route 7 should you so desire. Beware, as if you step over to the northwest part of the beach by the Mago Berry, there's Sky Trainer Colm who will challenge you to a fight. He uses a Mantyke L28 and a Jumpluff L29 (!!), making him even stronger than the upcoming Gym Leader, so make sure you have some strong Flying-type Pokémon before challenging him.

To the northeast of the start, along the edge of the cliff, you'll find a Swimmer talking about the Dowsing Machine. She blocks your path until after you've gotten the Jaw or Sail Fossil in the Glittering Cave, but now that you've done that, she'll give you the Dowsing Machine, which can be used to track down hidden items.

How does the Dowsing Machine work in Pokémon X & Y? Try it out by using it from your Key Items pocket (registering it and then pressing Y to use it will make it easier on you in the future), then head directly south of the Swimmer. You'll eventually see blue lights pointing forward on the Dowsing Machine, but it will fade as you head too far south. You sometimes have to change your direction and walk around a bit before you can find items. It's a lot less intuitive than the one from Generation V, but after you get the hang of it, it's alright.

There's a hidden Pearl directly southwest of the Swimmer, a hidden Ultra Ball hidden in the bottom-left of a two rock formation south of the Swimmer, a Stardust to the west of the Mago Berry tree, a Heart Scale to the west of the steps leading down onto the beach, and a Rare Candy further down over in the Ambrette Town part of the beach.

Anyway, head north of the Swimmer that gave you the Dowsing Machine and you'll run into Swimmer ♀ Genevieve, who uses a Wingull L19 and a Psyduck L21. Past her is Fisherman Wharton, who uses a Tentacool L19, a Tentacool L19, and, surprise, a Tentacool L19.

North of him is Fisherman Shad, and he's got a Shellder L20 and a Staryu L20. A little past him is Swimmer Marissa, who uses a Masquerain. Despite it looking somewhat watery, it is actually a Bug/Flying-type, so keep that in mind while fighting it.

Other than a rock you can smash leading to a sign telling you how to use Rock Smash (no, really...), there's nothing else here for now except for you to head on north into Cyllage City!


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