Route 6

The central part of Route 6 is incredibly straightforward. It's just a long, straight path under the shade of trees, where you'll have to fight against some Tourists.

The first Tourist uses a Pikachu L11, a Pidgey L11, and a Psyduck L11, while the second uses a Zigzagoon L11, a Ralts L11, and a Gulpin L11.

Fight them and then continue north and that's all you actually have to do on Route 6. In fact, that's all you really can do until you arrive at the Parfum Palace.

You can also run into wild Venipede or Audino by running or skating along the very edge of the trees. A wild Venipede or Audino may occasionally jump out from one of the larger bushes as you pass by it.

Anyway, continue on to Parfum Palace, although you can continue on Route 6 by heading to either the left or the right when you arrive at the palace. There are paths that take you to the respective side on Route 6, which contains much more action.

Route 6 Side Areas

The two areas on the side contain some very, very tall grass with wild Pokémon galore in there. You can access either of these sides from Parfum Palace.


There are also two totally new Pokémon to find here: the Psychic-type Espurr and the Ghost/Steel-type Honedge. Espurr evolves into Meowstic while Honedge evolves into Doublade and eventually Aegislash.

Wild Pokémon on Route 6
Oddish GrassPoison 10-12 Common.
Espurr Psychc 11-12 Common. Evolves into Meowstic. Male Meowstic and Female Meowstic look quite different and learn different moves.
Honedge SteelGhost 11-12 Uncommon.
Kecleon Normal 11-12 Rare.
Sentret Normal 10-11 Common.
Nincada BugGround 12 Uncommon.
Venipede BugPoison 10-12 Common. Only appears by jumping out from a shaking bush as you walk past it in the center path.
Audino Normal 10-12 Rare. Only appears by jumping out from a shaking bush as you walk past it in the center path.

Route 6 West

As soon as you enter the western part of Route 6 you'll have to fight in a Double Battle against a Poké Family, Jan & Erin, who each use a Furfrou L14. They're each groomed in a different style of Furfrou, with one looking blue and with stars while the other pink with hearts. Keep in mind that they have the Fur Coat ability, which reduces the damage done with direct attacks, so Special-based attacks are generally the way to go.

Directly south of them, along the path, is a Beauty hiding in the tall grass. Beauty Brigitte fights you with an Espurr L12 and a Butterfree L12. To the west of Brigitte, up a hill, you can find a Super Repel. To the east of her, along the winding path east and to the north, is an Awakening.

Further south, down the middle path and past a ledge leading south, you'll find the dirt path lead over to an eastern ledge. Don't jump down that unless you want to return to the central part of Route 6! Instead, head west and fight against Backpacker Roderick, who's got a Bunnelby L14 on his team.

Southwest of Roderick is an Ultra Ball, which are always good to find. North of the Ultra Ball, by wrapping around the hill, you'll find Youngster Tyler, who uses a Venipede L12 and a Scraggy L12. North of him is an Aguav Berry tree, which drops one Aguav Berry per week.

Whenever you're done here, you can leave by either returning north to the entrance or by hopping across the ledge to the center part of the route.

Route 6 East

Directly south of the entrance to the eastern part of Route 6 is an Antidote. Backpacker Jerome can also be found directly west of that, and he uses a Fletchling L14 on his team. After beating him, head through the grass to the west until you find a clearing in order to pick up an X Speed.

South of the X Speed is Tourist Mari, who's got an Illumise L14 she'll use against you. Southeast of her, near the center part of the route, you'll find a TM up on a hill. The path up the hill is just slightly south. Climb it and grab TM09 Venoshock, a Special-based Poison-type move with 65 power that doubles its power if the foe is poisoned. This works particularly well with Pokémon such as Ivysaur, Gulpin, or Venipede, but a few other Pokémon can learn it as well and 65 power isn't too shabby.

Head all the way east and follow the path in the grass until you find a Youngster wishing to battle you. Youngster Jacob uses a Croagunk L11 and a Beedrill L13. Directly north of him is a Paralyze Heal, and then even further north, hiding in the thick of the tall grass is Tourist Takemi, who's got a Volbeat L14.


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