Route 5

As soon as you arrive on Route 5, you'll be approached by a Lucario. Its Trainer then shows up and says that the Lucario was sensing your aura. After some more talking, she'll introduce herself as Korrina, the Shalour City Gym Leader, and will then disperse.

To the north is a skate park, although there's nothing too exciting directly in the park itself, other than a hidden Paralyze Heal in the middle of the rink (which isn't even that exciting anyway). While using your Roller Skates (in other words, using the control stick), you can skate onto the rail and over to a Super Potion.

To the south, you'll find some tall grass with a variety of wild Pokémon in it.

Wild Pokémon on Route 5
Bunnelby Normal 8-10 More common in regular grass.
Furfrou Normal 8-10 More common in regular grass.
Pancham Fight 8-10 More common in Purple flowers later in the route.
Skiddo Grass 8-10 More common in Purple flowers later in the route.
Gulpin Poison 10
5 (Horde)
Uncommon. Can also commonly show up in a horde (5x Gulpin).
Scraggy DarkFight 5 (Horde) Uncommon. Only appears in a horde (5x Scraggy).
Doduo NormalFlying 10 Uncommon.
Abra Psychc 10 Rare. Uses Teleport to flee on the first turn. Using a Quick Ball is recommended.
Plusle Electr 9-10
6 (Horde)
Rare. Appears by itself in Pokémon X only. Can also rarely show up in a horde (4x Plusle, 1x Minun in X; 1x Plusle, 4x Minun in Y)
Minun Electr 9-10
6 (Horde)
Rare. Appears by itself in Pokémon Y only. Can also rarely show up in a horde (4x Minun, 1x Plusle in Y; 1x Minun, 4x Plusle in X)

Keep heading west until you find some Twins. The Twins, Faith & Joy, use a Plusle L11 and a Minun L11, and you have to fight them in a Double Battle. Focus on taking out one of them at a time.

After the Twins and some more tall grass, you'll find Tierno and Trevor making the usual chitchat about Tierno's dancing. Tierno will then challenge you to a battle!

He uses a Corphish L12 and it likes to use Vice Grip to inflict a decent amount of damage thanks to Corphish's higher Attack stat.

Once the battle is over, Trevor will tell you about Horde Battles and how whole hordes of Pokémon can sometimes appear in the wild.

It's true, in many routes and areas, Route 5 included, you'll run into Horde Battles, which feature five Pokémon that are usually all of the same species (though sometimes one may differ, such as there being four Plusle and one Minun or vice versa). Horde Pokémon are thankfully lower level than the other Pokémon in the area, but it is a five-on-one fight, and all five will attack each turn, so they can still be challenging. Additionally, you cannot attempt to catch them until only one remains. The good news is there's a chance for one of the horde Pokémon to have its hidden ability rather than its usual ability, which can be handy.

Trevor will give you some Honey, which you can use while in tall grass to trigger a Horde Battle. Keep in mind using the move Sweet Scent outside of battle will have the same effect.

To the south of them is a dead end with a ledge, though it's a one-way exit from the other side, so don't head down there. Instead, head north and fight against Rising Star Hamish, who uses a Kadabra L13. Watch out, this thing's Confusion attack hits pretty hard! Physical-based attacks are the best way to fight it.

North of Hamish is a rail you can skate down leading to a Super Potion, but it's a one-way route that takes you back to the skate park. It's your choice whether to take it or not, but regardless, you're going to eventually want to head up the hill west of Hamish.

After climbing the hill and heading south, you'll be presented with another fork in the road. To the south is another rail you can take leading to an Oran Berry tree, which has a fallen Oran Berry. You can pick up the fallen berry, but won't be able to get the rest; instead, you'll need to wait a week in order for the tree to drop another berry. This way also leads you to the one-way ledge talked about earlier.

To the west of the hill, up the steps, you'll find some Roller Skaters skating around some traffic cones. The path leads you south, but heading north to fight them might be a good idea. Roller Skater Winnie uses a Bunnelby L9 and a Skiddo L11, while Roller Skater Florin uses a Doduo L12.

Past them is a rail that has a notch in it. In order to skate across it, you'll need to build up enough momentum, so just run back a bit before trying to cross it. If you fall in the purple flowers, there are steps leading you back to the Roller Skaters. You can also just cross the purple flowers to the other side, but you'll need to take the next rail in a similar manner. Doing so leads you over to a yellow-colored item ball. These yellow-colored item balls contain TMs or HMs, so you should definitely pick those up when you see them. This one in particular contains TM01 Hone Claws, which raises the user's Attack and Accuracy by one stage.

Hop down the ledge. That'll place you right by Rising Star Tyson and where the path goes had you chosen to ignore the Roller Skaters and head south instead. Tyson has a Bidoof L12 and an Oddish L10.

Directly south of Tyson, through the purple flowers, is an X Attack. Grab that if you want, then head down the stairs just to the west to fight Backpacker Heike and his Sentret L12. Further past him is a Youngster that just loooves shorts. Yes, because they're comfy and easy to wear. Youngster Keita uses a Pansage L12.

Further south, you'll find two thorn bushes that block your path. You won't be able to clear them until you have HM01 Cut, although you are able to use it outside of battle since you have the Bug Badge (you'll just need to trade in order to actually teach it).

Anyway, that's the end of Route 5. Right up ahead is Camphrier Town and your next destination!


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