Male Meowstic
Female Meowstic

Meowstic is a new Psychic-type cat Pokémon in Pokémon X & Y. Its appearance is drastically different depending on if it is male (darker fur) or female (lighter fur), as are the moves that it can learn.

Its ears possess a heavy amount of psychic power, so it usually keeps them folded shut unless it becomes threatened. It also avoids showing emotions to other Trainers and Pokémon alike.

The male Meowstic is capable of learning more support moves, such as Miracle Eye, while the female Meowstic learns more offensive moves, such as Extrasensory.

It was first revealed in a leak of the October CoroCoro magazine on September 11th, along with Furfrou, Tyrunt, Amaura, Quilladin, Braixen, and Frogadier. It was then officially revealed on September 13th.

Basic Information
Type: Psychc
Ability: Keen Eye or Infiltrator
Species: Constraint Pokémon
Height: 2'00" (0.6m)
Weight: 18.7 lbs. (8.5kg)
Shown Moves
Method Move
Shown (female) Extrasensory
Shown (male) Miracle Eye


Meowstic's Evolutions

No evolutions or pre-evolutions of Meowstic have currently been revealed.

Pictures of Meowstic

Here are all pictures of Meowstic that have been revealed. Click on any of the pictures for a larger size!




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