Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp is the Mega Evolution of Garchomp, introduced in Pokémon X & Y. It Mega Evolves through the use of a currently unrevealed Mega Stone.

Its appearances changes quite a bit, decorating its body with even more spikes and receiving scythes for arms instead of ordinary claws. Its Attack and Special Attack increase in its Mega Evolution, although its Speed decreases. It gets the Sand Force ability, which raises the power of its Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves during sandstorms.

It was first revealed on September 11th in leaked scans from the October CoroCoro, along with Mega Mewtwo X and several other new Pokémon. It was then officially revealed on September 13th.

Basic Information
Type: Dragon / Ground
Ability: Sand Force
Species: Mach Pokémon
Height: 6'03" (1.9m)
Weight: 209.4 lbs. (95.0kg)
Shown Moves
Method Move
Shown Dragon Claw


Mega Garchomp's Evolutions

Garchomp   Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp is the Mega Evolved form of Garchomp, evolving via Mega Evolution. It Mega Evolves during battle while its Mega Stone is held, along with whatever triggers Mega Evolution.

Pictures of Mega Garchomp

Here are all pictures of Mega Garchomp that have been revealed. Click on any of the pictures for a larger size!



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