Route 1

Route 1 is one of the routes in the Kalos region. It is not to be confused with the Kanto or Unova routes with the same number.

While it's location in Kalos is unknown and no screenshots unveiling Route 1 have been revealed, the battle scene shown above shows a fight between Chespin and a level 2 Fletchling. That would suggest the battle scene above is taking place on Route 1 (or at the very least somewhere extremely early in the game).

If that's the case, Route 1 is wide open and not surrounded by forests or other noteworthy landmarks, other than a few fences here and there. It is likely somewhere in the southern part of Kalos because of that.

Pokémon available on Route 1

Route 1
Level: 2

Pictures of Route 1

Here are some pictures believed to be from Route 1. You can click any of the pictures below to show a larger version.


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