How to EV Train (Generation VI)

How to EV Train (Generation VI)

This guide is only accurate to Generation VI games. For Generation V, though, you can view our old guide.


EV Training is one of the more advanced concepts of Pokémon, and one of the things you must pay attention to in order to get your stats as high as possible, if that's your thing! You may not grasp it right away, but that's totally fine. Just keep at it!

What are EVs?

EV stands for Effort Value. Every time you gain experience points from knocking out/capturing a Pokémon, you also get EVs in a specific stat. Some examples:

Poochyena gives 1 EV in Attack.
Whismur gives 1 EV in HP.
Sliggoo gives 2 EVs in Special Defense.

The more EVs a stat has gained, the higher it will be (4 EVs = 1 point). However, stats cannot have infinite EVs. In Generation VI, a Pokémon can have a max of 252 EVs in a single stat, with a max of 510 EVs total.

This means, for your Pokémon to be the best of the best (such as for competitive battling), you'll have to put some thought and strategy into which stats to EV train. Putting EVs into random stats is no good in this case – you want to focus on making sure the most important stats get as high as possible, and EVs aren't going into the less important stats. Yup, this means you must keep track of every Pokémon you fight until EV training is complete.

Let's look at an example on why this is so important. (This example and its numbers were taken from the Generation V EV Training Guide, but are still relevant!)

HP: 70
Attack: 120
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 45
Sp. Defense: 85
Speed: 125

These are Weavile's base stats. As you can clearly tell just by looking at them, Weavile's only viable strategy is to hit extremely hard and extremely fast. To help it accomplish this, we want to get its Attack and Speed stats as high as possible. So, these are the stats we want to put 252 EVs into.

Here are what a Weavile's stats might look like at level 100, after receiving different kinds of training.


No EVs at all

Not properly EV trained

Properly EV trained

HP 281 312 282
Attack 276 300 339
Defense 166 193 166
Sp. Attack 126 145 126
Sp. Defense 206 217 206
Speed 286 300 349


With absolutely no EVs, the first Weavile will have the lowest stats, of course! The second Weavile received EVs in random stats, much like a Pokémon will if you use it on your team throughout the main game. The third, however, received careful EV training, getting 252 EVs in Attack, 252 EVs in Speed, and 4 EVs in HP. (Only 4 need to go into the final stat, since 4 EVs = 1 point.)

Even though the second Weavile has more stats that are higher, and may look more desirable at first glance, the third Weavile has higher stats where it counts. Because its Attack and Speed are already so high, maxing them out means it can outspeed many opponents and take them down before it can even get hit. This is why HP, Defense, and Special Defense are not nearly as important for Weavile. (And, of course, its Special Attack is completely useless since it should only be using physical attacks.)

For Pokémon that instead excel in bulk, you may want to put max EVs into their strongest defensive stat, to allow them to take hits as well as possible. It all comes down to maximizing what the Pokémon does best. It's also worth noting that some seasoned players do get fancy with their spreads, but the 252/252/4 spread is most common.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Ugh, but EV training sounds sooo boring.

Yes, taking out 252 Poochyena to get max EVs in Attack would be incredibly boring. Thankfully, there are many ways to speed it up – and in Generation VI, even speedier methods for EV training have been introduced. You can now fully EV train a Pokémon in less than 10 minutes! My my, how the times have changed.

Getting Started

Before EV training a Pokémon, you should make sure it's "untouched" – in other words, it has not yet received any experience points from battling/capturing a Pokémon. Otherwise, it will have already gained EVs, probably in stats you don't want! (If a Pokémon has already gained EVs, they can be erased with a Reset Bag or certain Berries.) And, of course, you'll want to make sure it has been appropriately IV bred and such if you're serious about making the Pokémon as first-rate as possible.

Next, you need to figure out what stats you want to put the EVs in. Remember, you can only have 252 max for a stat, and 510 total. If you're unsure which stats to put it in, be sure to do your research first. Sites like Smogon, for example, have good recommendations for what spreads will help a Pokémon reach its full potential.

And finally, you need to make sure you've got the proper tools for the job!


The following tools help immensely with EV training. Ones with an asterisk (*) are required for the fastest method of EV training.

*Power Items: The main purpose of these items is to speed up EV training. They can be bought with Battle Points in the Battle Maison (reached after entering the Hall of FameXY and completing the Delta EpisodeORAS).


Corresponding stat

Power Weight HP
Power Bracer Attack
Power Belt Defense
Power Lens Special Attack
Power Band Special Defense
Power Anklet Speed

When holding one of these items, and gaining EVs for its corresponding stat, the amount of EVs gained is increased by 4. For example, Poochyena normally gives 1 EV in Attack; if your Pokémon is holding a Power Bracer, however, it will instead gain 5 EVs in Attack by knocking out a Poochyena.

Macho Brace: If a Pokémon gains EVs for any stat while holding this item, the amount of EVs gained is doubled. So, if you knock out a Poochyena while holding this, you will gain 2 EVs in Attack instead of just 1. This is not as effective as the Power Items, so it's actually not commonly used.

*Pokérus: Pokérus is a very rare virus that Pokémon can contract – it sounds pretty terrible, but this actually just permanently doubles the amount of EVs the Pokémon gains! A Pokémon will have a purple "POKÉRUS" symbol on its status screen once it gets it, which turns into a tiny symbol of a face after it stops being contagious. While it's still active and contagious, it can spread to other Pokémon in your party. You can keep it active indefinitely by keeping the Pokémon stored in the PC, but otherwise it will just stop being contagious after a few days. (Remember, even after it stops being active/contagious, the Pokémon will still receive its benefit.)

As mentioned, this virus is incredibly rare to catch on your own. However, because it spreads like wildfire, many players are happy to share Pokémon with Pokérus. You can sometimes get Pokémon with Pokérus over the GTS or Wonder Trade, or you can ask for someone to give you one in a place such as our forums.

Pokérus stacks with EV training items, making it incredibly effective. Let's say a Pokémon with Pokérus is holding a Power Bracer, and knocks out a Poochyena. Poochyena usually gives 1 EV in Attack. The Power Bracer increases that to 5, and Pokérus doubles that, bringing it to a whopping 10 EVs in Attack! Just for knocking out a single Poochyena. Pretty nifty, right?

Vitamins: If a Pokémon consumes a Vitamin drink, it automatically gains 10 EVs in that Vitamin's corresponding stat. It no longer works after the Pokémon has at least 100 EVs in that stat. This might sound nice, and it can be to get you started, but it's not entirely necessary with how fast you can EV train these days – especially given how expensive they tend to be!


Corresponding stat

Protein Attack
Iron Defense
Calcium Special Attack
Zinc Special Defense
Carbos Speed


*Sweet Scent: Having a Pokémon on your team use Sweet Scent while standing in grass or a cave automatically summons a Horde Encounter. Using Honey achieves the same result, but Sweet Scent can be used as many times as you like, making it the preferred alternative.

You can easily catch an Oddish on Route 6XY or Route 110/117ORAS. You'll definitely want to do this, because if you haven't guessed it by now, Hordes are a goldmine of EVs.

Super Training: You can also simply EV train through Super Training. It is definitely not the fastest way, but it is an alternative if you really don't want to fuss over things like Power items, Pokérus, etc.

Erasing EVs

If you make a mistake or otherwise need to erase some EVs, there are two ways to do it.

Generation VI introduced Reset Bags, which reset all of a Pokémon's EVs to zero after beating it up. These are rarely found during Super Training.

The second (and more traditional) way is to use certain Berries. These Berries, when eaten, reduce the EVs of their corresponding stat by 10. (They also raise the Pokémon's happiness.)


Corresponding Stat

How to Obtain

Pomeg Berry HP Mutation (Iapapa/Mago)XY
Route 119ORAS
Kelpsy Berry Attack Mutation (Chesto/Persim)XY
Lilycove CityORAS
Qualot Berry Defense Mutation (Pecha/Oran)XY
Route 123ORAS
Hondew Berry Special Attack Mutation (Aspear/Leppa)XY
Route 119, Route 123ORAS
Grepa Berry Special Defense Mutation (Aguav/Figy)XY
Route 123, Sootopolis CityORAS
Tomato Berry Speed Mutation (Lum/Sitrus)XY
Route 123ORAS

In X & Y, these are obtained by mutating (planting two berries next to each other). In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, you'll be able to find them in locations reached during the storyline.

The Process

Finally, you're ready to go. There are three common methods of EV training that I'll cover below.

The Traditional Method

You can go about it the traditional way – the way it was done in previous generations. Simply attach the appropriate Power item, contract Pokérus, and beat up single wild Pokémon that give the EVs you need. However, remember that this is definitely not the fastest... and so, I won't be covering specific hotspots or anything like that for this. It's just not efficient. Sorry!

Super Training

In Generation VI, you can use Super Training to EV train. This involves mini games in which you shoot balls at the target (a balloon Pokémon), avoiding the shots they throw at you, and trying to pop it before the timer runs out. Successfully popping a balloon Pokémon gives you EVs in its corresponding stat, and can give you bags to beat up for even more EVs. (By the way, I would recommend not bothering with the Small bags – just toss those, they're not worth the time.)

As you defeat more balloons, you'll unlock higher levels of training, which results in faster EV gains. If you put in the time to unlock up to level 3, this can be a somewhat quick (and simple!) way of EV training, but still definitely not the fastest.

The fastest method out there: Utilizing Horde Encounters!

As you'd expect, taking out a Horde of Pokémon results in receiving five times more EVs than normal! For example, defeating one Whismur gives you 1 EV in HP. With Pokérus and a Power Weight, you instead gain 10 EVs in HP from a single Whismur. But! With Pokérus and a Power Weight, knock out a whole Horde of Whismur, and you get... yup, 50 EVs in a single fight. That's huge, and only needs to be done about 5 times before you've almost maxed out that stat.

Step 1

You'll need to have gotten access to the Battle Maison. This is unlocked after entering the Hall of FameXY and beating the Delta EpisodeORAS.

Step 2

For this method, it'll be much easier if you have a powerful Pokémon upfront that doesn't need any EV training. Make sure it knows a move that can knock out a whole Horde, preferably with perfect accuracy, such as Earthquake, Lava Plume, or Dazzling Gleam. Surf, Rock Slide, and Heat Wave are other possibilities, though they don't have perfect accuracy and will probably miss one or two occasionally. This Pokémon should also have at least one move that can hit a single target.

Step 3

Toss the Pokémon you want to EV train onto your team. Make sure it's good to go:

  • Untouched (has no stray EVs already)
  • Properly IV bred, with the right nature etc.
  • Has Pokérus
  • Is holding the correct Power item

Heck, throw multiple Pokémon on the team if they need the EVs too. Just be sure to keep track of who is gaining what.

Step 4

Turn on the EXP Share so that the Pokémon not fighting will still receive the experience from the Horde (they will also receive all EVs gained).

Step 5

Get to the corresponding location in the table below! Use Sweet Scent to summon the Pokémon listed. Do not knock out any other Pokémon. The amount of EVs in parenthesis is the amount gained when you have Pokérus and the correct Power item.

Pokémon X & Y

Stat that needs EVs



HP Route 5 Gulpin L5, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in HP
Attack Route 14
Bellsprout L16, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in Attack
Defense Route 10
Nosepass L10, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in Defense
Special Attack Frost Cavern Vanillite L20, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in Sp Attack
Special Defense Route 7
Hoppip L7, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in Sp Defense
Speed Route 8
Wingull L7, 60%
EVs: 1 (10) in Speed


Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Stat that needs EVs



HP Rusturf Tunnel Whismur L5, 100%
EVs: 1 (10) in HP
Attack Mt. Pyre
Shuppet L15, 100%
EVs: 1 (10) in Attack
Defense Route 111
Sandshrew L11, 100%
EVs: 1 (10) in Defense
Special Attack Route 119 Oddish L12, 100%
EVs: 1 (10) in Sp Attack
Special Defense Route 115 Swablu L10, 100%
EVs: 1 (10) in Sp Defense
Speed Route 104
(north or south)
Zigzagoon/Wingull L2, 100% (south)
Zigzagoon/Taillow L3, 100% (north)
EVs: 1 (10) in Speed


Step 6

After knocking out 5 of the corresponding Hordes, you will have gained 250 EVs in that stat. (50 x 5 = 250.) You can gain the last two EVs in that stat by removing the Power item, encountering the same Horde, only knocking out one of them, and running away!

Step 7

For the second stat that needs EV training, repeat steps 5 and 6. Remember to give your Pokémon the correct Power item for this stat.

Step 8

Get the final 4 EVs onto a final stat. Make sure to do this part last! While only 4 is needed, you need at least 6 in order to be considered a fully EV trained Pokémon, and the rest of your EV training should be over and done with, so feel free to be excessive here. Give them the corresponding Vitamin, defeat a corresponding Horde, play a round of Super Training, do whatever you need to do to get those final bits of EVs in. 

Check your work!

After any sort of EV training, make sure you have done everything correctly! Check Super Training: If your Pokémon is fully EV trained, an icon of a muscley person's silhouette will show to the left of its name. The stat chart should reflect your EV training, too (ie If you were going for max Attack and Speed, Attack and Speed should be the only ones reaching and touching the very edges! ...With a tiny bit from the stat that received the final 4 EVs).

If you succeeded...

Congratulations! Your Pokémon is now totally buff! (And hopefully, has reached its full potential!)


If any of this is confusing to you, or you have any questions about EV training, please post in the comments below. Jumping into this without knowing what you're doing may not be the best idea, after all! But don't be too intimidated or anxious to start, either; it's not a difficult process at all, just a lot to grasp at first. You'll learn most by doing!

Hope this has helped you! Feel free to review this guide as much as you need to, and again, reach out if you need any help.


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