Alola Region

The new region, featured in the Generation VII games, is known as Alola. It is made up of multiple natural islands, as well as Aether Paradise, which is an artificial island.

Alola was first officially shown alongside the reveal of its starters, on May 10th, 2016. Before then, only concept art had been shown. It is based on the real-life location Hawaii, which has been made apparent through its appearance, culture, and namesake. The name Alola very likely comes from Aloha, an important word in the Hawaiian language that can mean many things, including "peace" and "compassion."

Alola is a tropical region composed of four islands (not counting Aether Paradise); Melemele, Akala, Ula'Ula, and Poni. Melemele is the island in which you live and start your journey. After defeating Hala you will gain access to Akala island. Defeating Olivia allows you to go to Ula'Ula Island, the largest of the four and the future home to the Pokemon League. Lastly once you beat Nanu you gain access to the last and smallest island, Poni Island.

Cities and Towns


 Location  Basic Info More Details

Iki Town

An old town where traditions have been passed on for generations. The villagers are close with Tapu Koko.

 This is where you obtain one of the three starters: Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

Hau'oli City

The largest city in Alola. It is divided into two sections: the shopping district and the beachfront.

This is where you can first change clothes and/or hair and go to a malasada shop. Illima lives here.

 Heahea City

Considered the "front door" to Akala Island, this town's residents treasure visitors and welcome them most warmly.  The Name Rater and Tide Song Hotel can be located here. There is also another apparel shop.

Paniola Town

A town located in the middle of Akala Island and surrounded by ranch land and pastures for grazing. The Pokemon Nursery can be found here. Kiawe lives here

Konikoni City

This is a city of merchants, where you find lots of shops. Another apparel shop and salon can be found. Mallow lives here.

Malie City

A city with an obvious Eastern influence in its design. The architecture is distinctive here. A apparel shop/salon, malsada shop, the Malie Library, and Malie Garden can be found here.

Po Town

A town barricaded with tall walls that seem to reach the sky. It is occupied by Team Skull.  




Route 1

This beautiful path filled with flora connects Iki Town at its north end to Hau'oli City in the south.

Route 2


A path that leads to the northern part of Melemele Island. It's famous for being a training ground for the local Trainers.

Route 3

A steep mountain path surrounded by rocks where a lot of bird Pokémon live.

Route 4

A route that connects Heahea City and Paniola Town. The gentle touch of nature is abundant here.

Route 5

A winding route with many branching paths and ledges. It is quite challenging for people traveling on foot.

 Route 6

A plain and straight route that leads through the middle of Akala Island. It is also known by the name "Straight Street."

  Route 7

A route that takes you to Wela Volcano Park. It makes anyone sweat from the heat of the volcano.

  Route 8

An oceanside route with great views. It is a popular date spot enjoyed by many couples and Pokémon.

 Route 9

A short route constructed by the local Diglett with whatever strength they had remaining after digging Diglett's Tunnel.

 Route 10

A gladed path filled with the nests of many Pokémon. It leads to the road that can take you to the top of Mount Hokulani.

 Route 11

One of the routes that connects Malie City with the nature surrounding it. This one leads to a rough mountain trail.

Route 12

A route full of rugged boulders that present a difficult challenge to anyone who hopes to pass through it.

Route 13

A route considered by many to be a place to take a break before taking on Haina Desert.

Route 14

An old route that leads to a trial site. Its beach is famous for its unique black sand.

Route 15

A water route that lies on the western coast of Ula'ula Island. People often rely on Pokémon to traverse it.

Route 16

Trainers all take a little break at the Pokémon Center here before they proceed to Ula'ula Meadow.

Route 17

The rain never stops falling in sheets on this route. This path always seems to inspire a sense of unease.


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