Pokemon Review (BW2): Spoink & Grumpig

Spoink & Grumpig
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Reversal Mountain (Outer) 6 Badges

The little Spoink is yet another Psychic-type, though it and its evolution, Grumpig, are only available in Black 2, where it competes with Gothitelle. It evolves into Grumpig at level 32, which should be virtually immediately after you catch it. That's nice. It also means you can just consider Grumpig rather than having to waste too much time thinking of its earliest form. Grumpig's stats tend to be more defensive, particularly in the Special Defense department. Its Special Attack is ok and its Speed is higher than most of the Unova Psychic-types, while its Attack is thankfully miserable, allowing it to focus on its other stats. It has either the Thick Fat or Own Tempo ability. Thick Fat halves the damage it receives from Fire- and Ice-type attacks, while Own Tempo prevents it from becoming confused. Either are fine abilities for it and help from time to time.

Its moves are regrettably lacking, though. When you catch it, it'll be packing Rest and Snore, which isn't the greatest combo in the world, but it can do some damage against weaker things while keeping Grumpig's HP up. Power Gem at level 35 (as a Grumpig) is a Special-based Rock-type attack, which gives it something unique the other Psychic-types can't say they have. It gets Psyshock naturally at level 42, which deals damage based on the foe's Defense stat rather than Special Defense, which can be alright. It gets Psychic rather late naturally, all the way at level 52 — you'll be best off just teaching it from a TM. Lastly, it gets Bounce at level 60, which, eh, is not that great.

For TMs, it gets Energy BallCharge Beam, and Shadow Ball (very soon) right away, plus it'll have Psychic before too long, too. Psychic is a must-teach, since it learns it so late. Support moves to consider for it are Light Screen and Reflect (particularly Reflect) to add to its defenses. It has the Speed to pull them off fairly well. Thunder Wave is also a good debilitating move. It can learn a whole ton of Move Tutor moves, but very few are really worthwhile. Signal Beam is a good possibility for it for a mere 4 Red Shards, while Icy Wind is actually a fair (although weak) Ice-type attack that lowers the foe's Speed, which can often help make it faster than its foes.

The problem with Grumpig is its inability to stand out from the rest of the Psychic-type crowd. It has the weakest of the combined stats, although part of that is due to its very low Attack (which doesn't matter). Its Speed is less than Espeon and Sigilyph, but higher than the Unovan Psychic-types. Its Special Attack, though, is the lowest (outside of Swoobat, but it isn't even in the running). Even though it has decent defensive stats, Gothitelle outclasses it and is typically a better choice. Grumpig also doesn't have access to cool moves, so it really is just outclassed by pretty much all of the other Psychic-types in one way or another — other than Swoobat, of course. But that's not to say that Grumpig is unusable; keep in mind that the ratings are also comparative to other Pokemon, and there's just too many better choices.

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