Pokemon Review (BW2): Tynamo, Eelektrik & Eelektross

Tynamo, Eelektrik & Eelektross
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The tiny Tynamo may look a little unimpressive at first, but it packs the Levitate ability. So what. Well, it's an Electric-type Pokemon, meaning that gets rid of the one weakness it has: Ground-type attacks. Tynamo and its evolutions fall into the same category of "weaknessless" Pokemon as Sableye and Spiritomb before them. That's pretty neat. Tynamo evolves into Eelektrik at level 39, and it is pretty worthless to use before then, as it can learn only four attacks. That's pretty awful. Once it evolves, though, you can evolve it immediately using a Thunderstone into Eelektross; once you do so, though, it won't learn any new moves by leveling up, but that shouldn't be a big deal. I'll elaborate more on that in a moment. Know that Eelektross' Attack and Special Attack are both very respectable (its Attack is definitely a notch higher, though), while its defensive stats and HP leave it capable of taking hits. The downside is its Speed, which is pretty slow, but at least the rest of its stats and total lack of weaknesses make up for it.

Tynamo starts out with Charge BeamSparkTackle, and Thunder Wave. That's it. Unless you feel like wasting 4 Blue Shards on Magnet Rise, haha. That'd be just plain silly. You have to baby it until it evolves, so slap that Exp. Share on and make your way forward through the game for awhile. Once it evolves at level 39, it learns Crunch, which is pretty cool, but then you're faced with a predicament; you can evolve it right away, but then fail to learn any new moves, or you can hold it off until you learn the moves you want to learn. Eelektrik gets: Thunderbolt at level 44 (there's a TM for that); Acid Sprayat level 49 which hits for some Special-based Poison-type damage, but also lowers the foe's Special Defense by two stages; Coil at level 54 to raise its Attack, Defense, and Accuracy by one stage; and then... some other moves that are either TM moves or not worth your time. Either as an Eelektrik or Eelektross, you can take it to the Reminder Girl and swap a Heart Scale to reteach it Discharge to substitute for Thunderbolt until you get the TM (although Discharge is pretty nice anyway). As an Eelektross, you can also reteach Crunch whenever you want, as well as Crush Claw, which hits for moderate power but has a 50% chance of lowering the foe's Defense by one stage.

What about TMs? Well, that's where Eelektross really shines, and that should help make your decision to evolve it early a wise one. You'll be later on in the game when you can evolve it, so I'll just list all of the good TMs it can learn. Acrobatics is probably the best one to consider, since it hits just so hard (110 power Flying-type attack!) if you don't have an item equipped. FlamethrowerRock Slide, and even Dragon Claw are all appropriate options for it, and it has the attacking stats to use either Physical-based or Special-based attacks just fine. Dragon Tail is a possibility to force the foe to switch, but probably isn't worth your time. It can also learn a lot of Move Tutor moves: Signal Beam is a possibility for dealing with Psychic-, Grass-, and Dark-types for a mere 4 Red Shards, while Fire Punch and even ThunderPunch are possibilities for 10 Red Shards, although Flamethrower and Thunderbolt hit harder; Iron Tail can be gotten for 6 Blue Shards in Lentimas Town, while Aqua Tail costs 8 and is neat for it, too, plus it can even get Superpower for 10 Blue Shards if you're in need of a Fighting-type attack, but you'll want to switch out afterwards to get around its Attack and Defense drop; in Humilau City, it has access to even more moves, most notably both Giga Drain and Drain Punch for 10 Yellow Shards. It's a steep price, but it's well worth it and helps heal back some of the HP lost while the foe hit first. Take your pick, though, because you probably don't need (and probably can't afford) both, although it's not too bad if you have both.

Overall, Eelektross has a lot going on for it. It is the slowest of the main Electric-type contenders, but has some balanced attacking stats and even decent defenses. Its lack of weaknesses is a definite strong point. What really makes Eelektross shine, though, is its huge pool of moves it can learn and use well. Being adept at both Physical- and Special-based attacks is something no other Electric-type you can get can brag about. I'd definitely give some good recommendations for Eelektross. The main downside is waiting about 10 or more levels for it to evolve. That stinks. But it could be worse, at least. Its lack of super-powerful stats like Haxorus or Darmanitan also holds it back from a perfect rating, as does its low Speed.

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