Pokemon Review (BW2): Frillish & Jellicent

Frillish & Jellicent
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Virbank City (Surfing) 5 Badges

Frillish's appearance changes quite drastically depending on if its male or female. Male Frillish are blue and look meaner, while female Frillish are pink and look more cheery. Frillish has the unusual type combination of Water/Ghost. The two types don't really complement each other, but at least they don't give it a lot of weaknesses or a nasty 4x weakness, so that's good. It evolves into Jellicent at level 40 (or you can get really lucky and catch one already evolved if you surf into some of the rippling water), which is quite aways away, sadly. Frillish has some decent Special Defense and alright Special Attack (for an unevolved Pokemon), but rather lackluster other stats, Speed particularly included. When it evolves, it beefs up its Special Defense, Special Attack, and most notably its HP to some decent points, although nothing overwhelming. It isn't the fastest Pokemon out there, but it isn't sluggishly slow, either, which is nice. For abilities, it has either Water Absorb or Cursed Body. Water Absorb nullifies any Water-type attacks that hit it and restore its HP by 1/4 its maximum in the process, while Cursed Body has a 30% chance of disabling an attack after it hits Frillish or Jellicent, preventing the foe from using it for a few turns.

As far as moves go, it gets BubbleBeam at level 13, Recover at level 17, and then Water Pulse at level 22. BubbleBeam is slightly stronger than Water Pulse, but the high chance of confusion is pretty nice. (Or just teach it Surf and have a real attack.) It gets Ominous Wind at level 27, which is an ok Ghost-type attack with low PP that has a chance of raising all of Frillish's stats by one stage, but only a 10% chance. Most of the other moves it learns are totally outclassed by TM moves and really aren't worth mentioning, other than Hydro Pump at level 53 (as a Jellicent) and Water Spout at level 69 (which hits massively hard if you're at full HP, but dwindles quickly in power as you get weaker).

Surf is an HM that you obviously have at this point that you should obviously teach to your Frillish as soon as you catch it. Energy Ball is another TM you probably have just gotten that would go good on it. Later on, it gets access to some rather neat TMs, such as the obvious Ice Beam and Blizzard, but also Shadow Ball and PsychicWill-O-Wisp can be used in conjunction with Hex for some crippling and decent damage. One Move Tutor move that you won't have access to until towards the end of the game is Giga Drain, which costs a staggering 10 Yellow Shards in Humilau City (the city where the last Gym is). It isn't a must-have move, but that healing is kind of nice.

Jellicent faces competition from other Water-types. Jellicent has slightly better defensive stats, but Vaporeon's drastically higher HP and Special Attack more than makes up for that. Golduck is also well-rounded and is much faster, too, plus it's capable of learning most of the moves Jellicent can. Simipour is sort of in a different category (it isn't designed to take a hit), but it's also a Water-type worth considering. It's worth considering and is certainly usable, but just make sure you think why you want to use it over the other Water-types. It being a Ghost-type is definitely a reason for that.

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