Pokemon Review (BW2): Woobat & Swoobat

Woobat & Swoobat
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The Psychic/Flying-type Woobat may look charming, but it's stats are really anything but. It evolves into Swoobat when its happiness is high and you level it up (this is easy to raise by riding around on the Bicycle for 15 mins or so), but, aside from some impressive Speed, its stats are really pitiful.

The only reason you would want to use Woobat over other options, like Zubat, Sigilyph, Gothita, or Solosis is simply the fact that it employs a rather fun strategy. The trick to making it work is to use Attract right off the bat (no pun intended) to hopefully stop the foe from attacking, then strike with its signature Heart Stamp or Air Slash — both of which have a 30% chance of inflicting flinch. Swoobat can work fairly well in that regard, although it's risky and will only work against Pokemon of the opposite gender (well, at least the Attract part). It can make use of some other attacks, can set up Light Screen + Reflect, and can affect the foe with paralysis using Thunder Wave to intensify the problem, but, like I said, its stats ultimately hold it back from the potential many other Pokemon have.

I don't recommend it, but, assuming you are creative with its strategies, it can actually be pretty fun to use, which is way better than being totally worthless.

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