Pokemon Review (BW2): Zubat, Golbat & Crobat

Zubat, Golbat & Crobat
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Oh yes, just when you thought you'd be free of the nuisance known as Zubat, it makes a return down here. However, the interesting thing is that Zubat actually isn't so bad in this game thanks to the level you get it and the point in the game you get at. It also evolves into Golbat at level 22, which isn't too far away at all, and then into Crobat once its happiness is high enough and it gains a level (and now that you have the Bicycle and can give it a massage, you can do this pretty easily).

Good moves it starts off with right off the bat are Bite and Wing Attack (learns it at level 15, so the L14 one won't have it yet). Both are 60-power and Wing Attack even makes use of Zubat's Flying-type. Since the upcoming Gym is a Bug-type Gym (and uses a lot of Bug/Grass-type Pokemon), this is a great attack and is a better Flying-type Pokemon than Pidove to use against that Gym. It gets Confuse Ray at level 19 to spice things up and annoy the foes (it's a decent attack if used right), then, after evolving, it has access to moves like Air Cutter (meh) at level 28, Acrobatics (yesss!) at level 33, and, if you like to take a chance, Poison Fang at level 42. Air Slash at level 52 + Confuse Ray actually make a nice combo for a Crobat, although Cross Poison is a decent option. Getting back to Zubat, you can teach Venoshock to it right away to give it a decent Poison-type attack, and I highly recommend you do that as soon as you catch one.

Crobat's stats are actually really good. It's extremely fast and has very well-rounded other stats, capable of taking a hit, and hitting hard enough on either end of the attacking spectrum (although Physical-based attacks are still better). While towards the end of the game, it won't have quite the offensive oomphcertain other Pokemon have, it has the advantage of being very versatile in its strategic attacks, letting you confuse the foe before it can strike, Protect + Toxic + Venoshock for massive damage and stalling, Acrobatics for heavy damage so long as you don't have an item, or you can just give it Fly for convenience (at the cost of power).

I never thought I'd say it, but I recommend Zubat. It finally has the right things going for it in this game. It gets good attacks for this point in the game, you don't get it too early (ugh Leech Life for 10 levels), and there aren't as many decent competitors for either Poison- or Flying-type Pokemon out there.

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