Pokémon GO: New Field Research and a Fighting-Type Event

(Official Announcement)

New Field Research For May

A new set of Field Research has been launched, focusing on Flying- and Electric-type Pokémon.

Collect enough stamps and you may earn the chance to capture the Flying/Electric-type Legendary bird: Zapdos!

Increased Fighting-type Spawns

Until May 14th, enjoy the following benefits:

✧ Increased spawn of Fighting-type Pokémon
✧ Twice the experience in Gym/Raid Battles, plus 3,000 Stardust and a Rare Candy
✧ Double points for Gym actions
✧ New purchasable items in the store

Enjoy the events! Are you looking forward to trying to capture Zapdos? Which Fighting-type Pokémon have you encountered so far?



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