Pokémon GO: More Hoenn Pokémon Are on the Way || Changes to EX Raid Battle Invitations

(Official Announcement)

Starting tomorrow, February 9th, new Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon from Hoenn will be appearing in Pokémon GO! Alongside these new additions, Rayquaza will be appearing as a Raid Boss until March 16th — don't miss your chance to add the Sky High Pokémon to your collection!

✧ New Raid Bosses will also be appearing
✧ Hoenn Pokémon will spawn more regularly until February 13th
✧ New Pokémon will be added to Eggs
✧ New special boxes will be available for purchase until February 23rd
✧ Lure Modules will remain active for six hours until February 23rd

Updates have also been made to the EX Raid Battle invitation system.

Quoted from the official website, here are the changes:

"We've also made a couple changes that will impact the invitation process. First, we've made changes to the ways Gyms are selected. While EX Raid Battles will continue to take place in parks and at sponsored locations, the number of Gyms that meet the necessary criteria for an EX Raid Battle will increase. Additionally, the average number of Trainers invited per Gym will also rise, as we've made a few tweaks to the way they are selected. Thanks to these two changes, more Trainers will have the opportunity to engage with the EX Raid Battle feature.

The quality of EX Raid Battles at these locations should also improve. To start, Trainers with a higher level Gym Badge are now even more likely to receive an invitation for an EX Raid Battle at that location. Similarly, Trainers who complete more Raid Battles (at any location) the week before EX Raid Battle invitations are sent will now have a greater chance of being selected."



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