DLC For Pokkén Tournament DX Is Coming \\ Pokémon Crystal Available For Preload

(Official Site)

Announced during today's Nintendo Direct, paid downloadable content is coming for Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch. It will come in two parts: one released at the end of January, and the other in March.

The Battle Pack DLC season pass will be available for purchase tomorrow, for $14.99/£13.99/€14.99.

The first bit of DLC, arriving on January 31st, will contain...
✧ Aegislash, with two forms, as an available Battle Pokémon
✧ Mimikyu as a Support Pokémon
✧ Mega Rayquaza as a Support Pokémon
The final bit of DLC, arriving on March 23rd, will contain...
✧ Blastoise as an available Battle Pokémon
✧ Mew as a Support Pokémon
✧ Celebi as a Support Pokémon

Pokémon Crystal, coming to the 3DS Virtual Console on January 26th, is now available to preload in North America, Europe, and Japan.

The game requires 16MB to download.



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