Sun and Moon Global Mission #9 Results — Success!

(Official Announcement)

The latest global mission for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was a success!

The goal was for trainers worldwide to collectively play the lottery in either the Festival Plaza or tourist bureau a total of 1,000 times — the resulting numbers reached around 30,000.

Those that participated get... 2,000 Festival Coins
Those that participated with a PGL-linked account get... 4,000 Festival Coins

For Pokémon Global Link members that played at least once, your prize of 5 Rare Candies will be available later this month.

A Fast Ball prize will also be available soon for PGL members.

Sun/Moon Weakness Cup Participation Prize
(Official Announcement)

For those that placed in the Weakness Cup online competition, your participation prizes are now available.

Once logged in to the PGL, click this link to receive:
✧ Ampharosite
✧ Latiosite
✧ Latiasite
✧ Altarianite

The code is redeemable through August 30th.



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