Celebrate the First Anniversary of Pokémon GO!

(Official Announcement)

To celebrate both 750 million global downloads and the game's one-year anniversary, the Pokémon GO team will be hosting an in-game event as well as real-world ones.

In-Game Event — Solstice

During the Solstice Event, starting on June 13th, trainers will be able to find more Ice-type and Fire-type Pokémon, and accurate Poké Ball throws will be awarded with large experience bonuses. Lucky Eggs are also to be discounted in the in-game shop.

The team also mentions that players should look forward to exciting collaborative group gameplay features soon.

Real-World Event — Pokémon GO Fest Chicago

This event will take place at Grant Park in downtown Chicago, Illinois, on July 22nd. Tickets and further information will be available here: PokémonGoLive.com/Fest

Similar events will take place in Europe and Japan later this year, the company says. More information will be brought to you as we get it.



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