New Challenges in Pokémon Shuffle — A Special Winking Cyndaquil Has Appeared!

Four new stages, a special Winking challenge, and a Pokémon Safari have all appeared on Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.

Don't forget to pick up the prizes you qualified for if you participated in the Mega Mewtwo X competitive stage last week!

 Cyndaquil (Winking) — Great Challenge
(Ground-, Water-, and Rock-type Pokémon are recommended)

A special Winking Cyndaquil has appeared until January 17th! You have only 18 moves to secure victory, so bringing along an Attack Power may be useful.

 Kingdra — Great Challenge
(Grovyle and Venusaur are recommended)

A Kingdra has risen from the depths, trainers! It will depart on January 24th, so capture it while you can.

Once captured, it may drop a Kingdra Skill Booster upon defeat.

 Ho-Oh — Great Challenge
(Mega Aerodactyl is recommended)

The Rainbow Pokémon, Ho-Oh, will be gracing the skies above until January 24th. As this Legendary Pokémon is no easy foe, consider taking some items to aid you.

Once captured, Ho-Oh may drop a Ho-Oh Skill Booster upon defeat.

 Feraligatr — Great Challenge
(Grovyle and Lilligant are recommended)

A powerful starter final evolution has appeared: Feraligatr! It will be about until January 24th.

Once captured, Feraligatr may drop a Feraligatr Skill Booster upon defeat.

 Noivern — High-Speed Challenge
(Aurorus and Ampharos are recommended)

Another High-Speed Challenge has begun, this time featuring the Sound Wave Pokémon: Noivern. You only have one minute on the clock for this one! Noivern will take its leave on January 24th.

Once captured, it may drop a Noivern Skill Booster upon defeat.

Pokémon Safari 
(Rock-type Pokémon are recommended)

A new Pokémon Safari has opened up until January 24th! You will discover a different Pokémon awaits you each time you enter the safari — because of this, remember that you may not use the Optimize feature. Can you capture them all?










Are you going to try out any of these stages? Do you have all of the Safari Pokémon?

Let us know down below! 



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