Ready Your Team For the Alola Friendly Online Competition!

Get ready for more exciting battles in the Alola Friendly! Items are allowed this time around, but remember that you may not have duplicate items in your team. All Pokémon must also be in the Alolan Pokédex.

This online competition is available for anyone with Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, a Pokémon Trainer Club membership, and wireless internet connection.

Two Age Divisions

Junior/Senior Division: Born from 2002 onward. This division is limited to play only from 6:00AM to 11:00PM in their country's most eastern time zone.

Masters Division: Born in 2001 or earlier.

Sign-Up Period

Begins: Thursday, January 19, at 7:00PM EST / 6:00PM CST / 4:00PM PST / 00:00AM UTC.
Ends: Thursday, January 26, at 6:59PM EST / 5:59PM CST / 3:59PM PST / 23:59PM UTC.

Competition Period

Begins: Friday, January 27, at 7:00PM EST / 6:00PM CST / 4:00PM PST / 00:00AM UTC.
Ends: Sunday, January 29, at 6:59PM EST / 5:59PM CST / 3:59PM PST / 23:59PM UTC.

Results and Participation Prize

The results will be announced in February. All qualified entrants — those who have completed at least three battles — will earn 50 Battle Points.

You Can Practice For the Alola Friendly Competition!

That's right — by heading to the Festival Plaza, selecting "Battle," then tapping on "Download Rules," you can practice with the Alola Friendly regulations. Give it a try!

Rules of the Alola Friendly, taken directly from the official website:
"• This competition uses Single Battle format.
• Players may use only Pokémon from the Alolan Pokédex.
• All Mythical and Legendary Pokémon are not allowed.
• Mega Stones are not allowed.
• Items are allowed, but Trainers may not have duplicate items in their Battle Team.
• Register three to six of your Lv. 1–100 Pokémon to your Battle Team.
• All Pokémon in this competition will automatically become Lv. 50 for the duration of each match.
• Three of the Pokémon you register to your Battle Team will be chosen to battle in each match.
• A 10-minute time limit for each player will automatically be enforced in-game, beginning at the start of each battle. If the outcome has not been determined when the time limit expires, the game will automatically apply tiebreakers to determine a winner.
• At the beginning of each battle, players have 90 seconds to select three Pokémon with which to battle.
• At the beginning of each turn, players have 60 seconds to select a move or change the Pokémon in battle. If a player has not made his or her selections at the end of this period, the game will automatically make selections for the player.
• Players may battle up to 15 games per day of the competition. Any unplayed games will carry over to the following day. A new day begins at 00:00 UTC.

Do you plan on participating, trainers?

Let us know down below! We'd love to hear from you.



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