Sun and Moon Global Mission #1: Help the World Capture 100 Million Pokémon!

Pokémon Sun and Moon's very first global mission has begun! Help your fellow trainers all over the world capture a total of 100 million Pokémon by December 13th.

If the goal is met, every participant will receive a whopping 1,000 Festival Coins — and if it is not met, each trainer that contributed will receive at least 100 Festival Coins.

Get out there and capture all of the Pokémon you can, trainers! Feel free to share your best locations, tips, tricks, and more with your friends here on Azurilland so we can reach this goal together.

Don't forget to connect your copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon to the Global Link, or your Pokémon will not count and you will not be able to participate!

How to register your game to the Global Link:
✧ On your copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, head to the Festival Plaza
✧ Access the PC inside of the castle (just to the right of where you enter)
✧ Select Game Sync → Create your Game Sync ID
 —— Your 16-character Game Sync ID will now appear on the top screen of your 3DS in this menu!
✧ Head over to and sign on or create an account
✧ If the option to sync your game does not automatically appear upon signing in, hover over the Menu and select Account Settings
✧ Enter your 16-character Game Sync ID and follow the prompt


How to participate in the global mission:
✧ After successfully registering your game on the Global Link, return to the Festival Plaza in-game
✧ Talk to the woman in blue next to the PC in the castle, informing her that you would like to participate
✧ Follow the prompt, connecting to the internet
 —— You are now registered! Start catching a lot of Pokémon!
✧ To check on the status of the mission (as well as update your current individual capture count), talk to the same woman in blue in the Festival Plaza's castle


We cannot reach our goal of 100 million Pokémon caught without your help! Tell your friends!



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