Don't Miss November's Mythical Pokémon: Genesect!

As it rolls around into November, so does a new Mythical Pokémon. This month, it's Genesect.

Like with Mew, Arceus, and Darkrai, Genesect is available via serial code at select stores. It will come at Level 100 with the moves Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Solar Beam, and Signal Beam.

Be sure to check below to see when it is available for you.

This will be updated if more locations are announced.

Country Available Stores Dates
United States Gamestop November 1st - 24th
Canada EB Games November 1st - 24th
Australia EB Games November 1st - 24th
New Zealand EB Games November 1st - 24th
United Kingdom GAME November 1st - 24th
France Micromania November 2nd - 24th
Germany Gamestop November 1st - 24th
Italy Gamestop November 1st - 24th
Spain GAME November 1st - 24th
Belgium Game Mania (Nintendo Zone), FNAC CORA and Smartoys November 1st - 24th
Austria Gamestop November 2nd - 24th
Netherlands Game Mania (Nintendo Zone) November 1st - 24th
Finland BR November 15th
Sweden BR November 15th
Norway BR November 15th
Denmark BR November 15th
Switzerland Gamestop November 1st - 24th
Portugal FNAC November 1st - 24th
South Africa BT November 1st - 24th


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