Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo — An In-Depth Look

(I apologize in advance for picture quality.)
(I had to record the shots with my phone, as I do not currently have a capture device.)

Alola, everyone! Did you know that's the standard greeting in the Alola Region?

A special demo version of Pokémon Sun and Moon released today, October 18th, worldwide. This article will explore all that the demo currently has to offer as I experienced it, so if you would like to avoid spoilers, please stop reading now.

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IMPORTANT: The demo has been datamined by many sources, revealing a lot of hidden information, sprites, forms, and other data. We will not be covering that here; only officially-revealed information and leaks by CoroCoro, as well as all that is discovered normally in the demo, will be put up as news. The datamined information is out there if you would like to discover it.

Let's get started!


After being greeted with the screen above and choosing your language, our hero — named Sun in this demo — receives a letter from an unknown sender. It seems a Greninja is in the party!

Sun and his mother head on over to city hall in Hau'oli City to register their new address; they just moved to Alola from Kanto.

Controls and Interface

While he waits for his address to be processed, Sun finally gets a chance to walk around!

✧ Walking about is easy and seamless with the control stick!
✧ Holding B allows the player to run.
Open doors by pressing A!
✧ Pressing X allows us to bring up the menu, where we currently see 'Pokémon' and 'Bag.' Sun's bag is empty, but it seems he really does have a Greninja!

Meeting Hau and Team Skull

As our hero approaches the door, a character known as Hau walks in. His grandpa apparently asked him to come to city hall in order to meet Sun. The two are encouraged to tour the town.

Upon walking outside, they are immediately interrupted by two Team Skull grunts. The two young trainers decline to hand over their Pokémon and a battle ensues!


Battle Menus and Mechanics

Once the battle begins we're greeted with several familiar options: Fight, Pokémon, Bag, and Run. Let's go over the interesting bits —


Greninja comes with the moves Water Shuriken, Aerial Ace, Double Team, and Night Slash. Next to each move is an (i) information bubble that you can click for additional information on the selected move; category, PP, power, accuracy, type, and a description will be displayed.

Fun fact: Water Shuriken is now Special!


In the center of the window, the current battle participants are shown in sprite form. Clicking on them will allow you to see their current stat increases or decreases. Handy!

The battle ends quickly, the grunts throwing up their arms in defeat before dancing away in style, the promise of their big sister hearing about this hanging menacingly in the wind.

Exploring the Town

Greninja is really in need of some healing, so Hau shows him where the Pokémon Center is. Sun doesn't listen to his instructions however and heads in the opposite direction, because exploring is fun.

As he strolls down the street day-dreaming of malasadas — a crispy, yet delectably fluffy food that apparently makes everyone happy — he hears faint Pokémon cries every now and then.

Sun moves through the police station next, where he finds a hard working officer and his trusty Granbull desk doll, and then to the marina, where he discovers a very wise man and an extremely overpriced vending machine!

He saw quite a few other things, too:

I guess it's time to actually head to the Pokémon Center, huh? Hau gives Sun a Super Potion when he walks in and the kindly nurse heals Greninja.

Meeting Professor Kukui and Taking on Ten Carat Hill

Our hero meets the Alola Region professor, Kukui, outside. He's researching Pokémon moves, cool! The professor suggests Sun take on a trial at Ten Carat Hill to make his team stronger, which he gladly accepts.

Time to see what we can find along the route at Ten Carat Hill.

Professor Kukui is waiting inside the trial area. He explains that there are two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o around the trial site, and that Sun needs to photograph them with the Poké Finder. He also obtains a Pikachu to help him on his quest!

✧ Once you fire up the Poké Finder, pressing A or R allows you to take a shot. The camera is moved with the control stick. A maximum of six pictures per session is allowed.

Trial Start!

After taking the first three photos, a totem Hakamo-o appears in the next area. It summons a Rockruff to help it in battle.

Afterwards, the professor gifts our hero a Z-ring and an Electrium Z — these will allow him to utilize Pikachu's Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc! A Z-move's power and whether it is Special or Physical depends on the move used to activate it.

Enter Plumeria, the Team Skull Admin

Those grunts really did bring back their big sister: Plumeria, the Team Skull Admin! She challenges Sun to a battle using her Golbat, but Pikachu makes short work of it with Gigavolt Havoc.



While defeating Plumeria marks the end of the demo, there are extra things to do, items to gather, and things to see! Let's go over them:

Sun obtains a Ride Pager, which allows him to ride Tauros. Press Y to turn on the device, and B to dash once you're on the back of Tauros!
✧ Pokémon are still encountered while riding Tauros. You will be wearing your riding gear in battle.
✧ There are several trainers to battle.
Alolan Dugtrio is able to be found via Poké Finder.
✧ You can obtain a Star Piece by defeating an Ace Trainer.
✧ A female trainer takes you to Mahalo Trail, where you are awarded a Stardust for breaking rocks with Tauros.
✧ The demo will receive updates in 5, 12, 18, and 24 days.
✧ On Day 2 of the demo, speak with the man standing near the Pokémon Center to receive 10 Pretty Wing items.
✧ Pokémon Catching Challenge: Capture as many Pokémon as you can with a limited number of Poké Balls. You can add these Pokémon to your team. From this you can gain a Nugget to transfer to the main game.

Did you find something new that I didn't? How are you liking the demo? Is it making you more excited for the full game?

Let us know down below!



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