Sun and Moon: Starter Evolutions Revealed, Festival Plaza, Poké Pelago, and More!

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Quite a bit of news was revealed today in the videos above, including starter evolutions, a new area known as Festival Plaza, Poké Pelago, and more. 

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Starter Evolutions — Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne

Dartrix, the evolved form of Rowlet, is a Grass/Flying-type. It comes with the ability Overgrow. This Pokémon cares deeply about its appearance and will spend a tremendous amount of time grooming its feathers.

Torracat, the evolved form of Litten, retains its Fire-type and comes with the Blaze ability. This Pokémon spits flames from the flame sac upon its neck, which makes a clear ringing sound when used.

Brionne, the evolved form of Popplio, retains its Water-type and comes with the ability Torrent. Even when sad, this Pokémon keeps its head high and its positivity shining.

Fun Times in the Festival Plaza

Connect with other players at the Festival Plaza, a fun place full of activities! Owned by Sophocles, the Festival Plaza offers battling, trading, mingling, and more — including making requests — for you to enjoy with your fellow trainers around the world.

Trainers may also engage in other activities here by collecting Festival Coins, a special currency obtained by talking to people and listening to their requests. These coins will allow you to buy items, dye your clothes, train your Pokémon in bouncy houses, and more.

Yet another activity players may engage in together here are missions, where all players involved work together to achieve a certain goal. It seems that global missions are being hinted at as well, where the entire population of Sun and Moon players may participate together.

What Do PC Pokémon Do Anyway? Poké Pelago of Course!

Have you ever wished your PC Pokémon would have something to do so they wouldn't be lonely? Now they can! Poké Pelago is a paradise for your PC Pokémon where they can enjoy themselves, play on equipment, and more. The more Pokémon you send, the more Poké Pelago develops — and the more benefits you gain!

More islands will appear as this paradise expands, allowing you to obtain items, raise your Pokémon, recruit wild Pokémon, and more exciting things.

Is Mega Evolution Returning? Yes!

It has been confirmed that Mega Evolution, introduced in X and Y, is returning in Sun and Moon. It has not been confirmed whether or not we will see new Mega Evolutions.

Sun and Moon Demo
Don't Miss Your Chance to Obtain Ash-Greninja!

Too excited to wait until November? A special demo version of Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming to the Nintendo e-Shop on October 18th. Explore a little of the Alola Region with a special Pokémon at your side: Ash-Greninja!

This specific Greninja has the ability Battle Bond, which allows it to change into Ash-Greninja after it faints an opponent.

Once you complete the demo adventure, Ash-Greninja will be able to be transferred to Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon after launch. Don't miss it!

More News on the 14th

The next batch of Pokémon Sun and Moon news will be released on October 14th at 22:00 JT / 9:00 ET / 8:00 CT / 6:00 PT.

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