Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, The Aether Foundation, and More!

(Click here and here for the Japanese videos.)

A new trailer was released on the official Pokémon Youtube channel this morning, pouring out lots of new information!

Read on by pressing the Read More button (if you're on the front page) to learn more about the new Pokémon, Sun and Moon time differences, the Aether Foundation, Zygarde, the Poké Finder, and more!

New Pokémon and Alola Forms

Type: Null, the Synthetic Pokémon, is a Normal-type. It comes with the ability Battle Armor. This Pokémon was created to blend the strengths of different species, allowing it to adapt to nearly any situation.

Jangmo-o, the Scaly Pokémon, is a Dragon-type. It can come with either the Bulletproof or Soundproof ability. Jangmo-o never turns its back on enemies.

Alolan Raticate, the evolved form of Alolan Rattata, is a Dark/Normal-type. it comes with either Gluttony or Hustle. Alolan Raticate have grown hefty due to their high calorie diet in urban areas.

UB-01, an 'Ultra Beast,' was introduced briefly in the video. Its type, abilities, and what part it may play is currently unknown. It has a glassy body and frequently changes shape. Experts are unsure of whether or not this being has a mind of its own. During observations, it was noted that UB-01's movements were oddly childlike. 

Another new Pokémon, which is rumored to perhaps be Cutiefly's evolved form, was briefly shown in the Japanese video.

Sun and Moon — 12 hours apart

It was revealed in the video that Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart. Certain events will happen differently depending on the version, such as which Totem Pokémon will appear before the player.

The Zygarde Cube

Two trainers, Dexio and Sina, will appear at some point during Sun and Moon. They present the player with a Zygarde Cube, a mysterious item that allows the player to contain Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells.

Collect them all to discover the mystery of the Order Pokémon...

The Aether Foundation

In the Alola Region, there is a foundation that aims to care for all hurt Pokémon: The Aether Foundation! On their artificially constructed island, they provide shelter for Pokémon and conduct research.

Lusamine sits as its head, with Faba and Wicke as her branch chief and assistant branch chief, respectively. This company seems to go up against Team Skull, who has an Enforcer known as Gladion. This member of Team Skull carries a mysterious Pokémon known as Type: Null with him.

Poké Finder

Take photos with the Poké Finder! When you use this Rotom Pokédex feature in certain locations, you will be able to take pictures of Pokémon. Your pictures are evaluated, and as you improve, more features will become available!

What do you think of all of this new information?

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