TheSpeedGamers Pokémon Marathon has begun!

Our friends TheSpeedGamers are veterans of raising money for charity while streaming fun games, raising over $450,000 for at least 12 awesome charities throughout their streams.'s Pokémon Marathon starts today, June 20th, at the time of this post, and then lasts all the way until June 27th. During this time, TheSpeedGamers will attempt to catch each and every Pokémon that's available — all 718 of them — in order to complete their Pokédex within this week. Not only that, but because they're looking for an even greater challenge, they are aiming to complete a "living Pokédex" if certain fundraising goals are met, which requires them to not just register Pokémon in their Pokédex, but actually have, say, a Bulbasaur, an Ivysaur, and a Venusaur in their PC boxes.

They are raising money for St. Jude, a great charity dedicated to advancing cures and preventing catastrophic diseases in children, such as cancer. It's going to be a fun 168 hours of streaming, with some awesome prizes and giveaways throughout the stream, plus the ability to nickname Pokémon with your donation. You can watch the stream live and donate at, and you can read more about their Pokémon Marathon on their update explaining the event.


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