Pokémon League Nimbasa Gym Season Dragonite now available!

If you've participated in your local Pokémon League and have set up a Trainer Club account that's linked to your Pokémon Global Link account, you'll be able to visit the Promotions page on the Global Link in order to receive a special Dragonite for your participation in the Nimbasa Gym Season of the Pokémon League!

What is a Pokémon League, you ask? It's not quite the place where you fight the Elite Four like it is in the video games, no, it's actually a real-life "club" where Pokémon fans gather and play Pokémon with each other! It's for both the Trading Card Game and the Video Games, and is a great experience for any Pokémon fan. If you want to learn more about it, check out the official page explaining Pokémon Leagues, and also use the Event Locator to find any leagues in your area! There are thousands of local Pokémon Leagues set up all over the world!

This Dragonite comes at level 55 and has the moves Dragon RushSafeguardWing Attack, and ExtremeSpeed, as well as the Hidden Ability Multiscale, which reduces the damage it takes from attacks so long as its HP is full, ensuring it will have some extra endurance against the first hit it receives in battle.


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