Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y

Interested in hearing Marriland's thoughts on Pokemon X and Y? What about throwing in two other big names in the Pokemon community — Let's Player Haydunn and Nugget Bridge's Firestorm — into the mix for a group discussion on the games? Well, look no further, because interviewer and fellow Let's Player Sepharos brings us all together in Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y, where we spend an hour talking about various thoughts and theories surrounding the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Some of the things that we discuss include the possibility of new types, a female evil team leader, downloadable content (DLC), how it will affect the Let's Play community, and much more!

Do you have any interesting theories about Pokemon X and Y? Hey, what are you waiting for, Trainer, go ahead leave a comment with your thoughts and theories on the manner to get in on the discussion!


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