ExtraLives.org: Streaming Pokemon for Charity

From today at 12:00pm EST until the evening of Tuesday, January 1st, ExtraLives.org is streaming live playthroughs of Pokemon games for charity! They're raising money for Free the Children, a charity that helps provide support for children in developing nations by providing them with food, clean water, and a proper education.

ExtraLives.org has raised over $92,000 for charity since 2009, and their goal is to break the $100,000 mark with this charity. By donating to ExtraLives.org during the Marathon, you can help them reach this mark as well as contribute to a good charity, but even if you are not able to donate, you can still watch the stream and share in the fun! Just be sure to tell your friends and spread the word, too.

Watch the stream!

They'll be playing Pokemon Red, Blue and the bootlegged translation of Pokemon Green first, then will be playing Gold, Silver and the infamous bootlegged Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal version, followed by Ruby, Sapphire and an unplayed bootlegged version of Emerald, and finally topping it off with Black and White. If you're not familiar with these bootlegged versions, they are released unofficially and are usually poorly translated, but that can make for some rather entertaining gameplay experiences (although, fair warning: the bootlegged Crystal contains some unintentional inappropriate language).

Sound like fun? Well head on over and watch the streaming fun over the weekend and into the new year! Remember to tell your friends and be sure to donate as well!


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