Feedback for the new Marriland

Our goal is to have be the grooviest Pokemon website out there. We want it to be a site that not just we're proud of, but you are as well!

  • If you have any constructive feedback or input, such as things we could do to improve the site overall or things that would make it better (or things that you don't like), please go ahead and leave a comment on this page! We're trying to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what could use some improvement.

  • If you have a complaint, we would also like to hear it. It will help give us some idea of what you, the viewer of the site, would like to see changed or what you have an issue with. If you do want to complain, you can, but please don't just go "it stinks," because we want to know why. We want to listen to constructive criticism. That means telling us what we can do better or what you don't like in a productive, helpful way. We want to be your friends, not out to irritate you. :P

  • If you notice a bug or an error somewhere on the site, this is also a great place to post about it! Just please, if you do, please, please please please provide a link to the problematic page! It isn't too hard to do, but it will help us substantially figure out the problem.

Additionally, remember you can visit the old site by going to, so if there was something that you really liked from there that you absolutely feel should be on the new site, you can use that as a reference. Thanks in advance!


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