| June 2018 | Monthly Featured Creators — Congratulations to This Month's Featured Creator, Cursebreaker!


It's time for next forum creative spotlight, Monthly Featured Creators! A celebration of Azurilland creativity and passion.

What is Monthly Featured Creators?

On the 20th of very month, a thread from the Creative Boards of the forum is selected to be featured. Any kind of creativity can be featured—portfolios, shops, writing, even roleplays! Everyone can be considered for a feature, regardless of skill or ability.

Keep your work updated and show us some passion, and you might be featured yourself!

Tip Jar

See any threads you think should be featured? Let us know! While the final decision is up to the host, community members may pay compliments in the Tip Jar by filling out the following form and posting it in the official thread:

 Tip Jar Form: 
☆ Thread Link:
☆ What do you like about this work?: 
☆ What drew you to this work initially?:
☆ Do you have any favorite works? (pieces, paragraphs, updates, etc.):
☆ Do you have any other comments?:


These will be saved for as long as the linked threads remains active — and if that thread is picked, the words of the user that submitted the tip will be included in the feature post!

This Month's Feature

Congratulations to this month's featured creator...

 "My art ability is a Curse[breaker]
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