| August 2018 | Monthly Featured Playthroughs — Congratulations to This Month's Featured Challenger, Paracosmic!


From the depths of Pokémon Playthroughs rises a star...this month's featured playthrough has been chosen!

What is Monthly Featured Playthroughs?

On the first Sunday of each month, an ongoing run is picked from either Challenge Runs or Casual Runs to be featured. Aside from following the challenge's rules (if you are writing in the applicable sub-forum), keeping your team updated, and remaining reasonably active with updates, there are no strict guidelines in order to be featured.

Show us your creativity through your work and you may be considered for a feature! This could be through your writing, use of screenshots, videos, pictures — anything you can think of!

Wish Tokens

The community takes part in this process too. While the final decision is up to the host, community members may submit Wish Tokens on the challenges or casual runs they favor by filling out the following form and posting it in the official thread:

 Wish Token Form: 
☆ Thread Link:
☆ What about this run caught your attention initially?: 
☆ What do you like about this run?:
☆ Do you have any favorite characters?:
☆ Do you have any favorite updates?:
☆ Anything else you would like to say?:


These will be saved for as long as the linked run remains ongoing — and if that run is picked, the words of the user that submitted the Wish Token will be included in the feature post!

This Month's Feature

Congratulations to this month's featured playthrough writer...

 "Questionable Coincidences"
 Click here for the full feature post 
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