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  • posted a message on Lighting the Darkness (ACCEPTING)
    Um, sorry, but is this thing starting soon?
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  • posted a message on Lighting the Darkness (ACCEPTING)
    Name: Thalia Toprioda

    Age: 14

    Biography: Thalia was only 9 when she and her parents fled after Darkrai struck her hometown of littleroot. As a result of this, she was never able to start her pokemon journey properly, and hasn't had a mentor to show her the ways of Pokemon yet. She prefers contests to battles, because she detests seeing her pokemon hurt, but recently she hasn't found anything truly stimulating.


    Gyarados: female, (Hydro Pump, Waterfall, blizzard, rest)

    Poliwhirl: male, (Belly Drum, Mega Punch, Ice punch, water gun)

    Gabite: female, (Crunch, Dragon rage, sandstorm, stone edge)

    Personality: Quiet, shy, demure, sometimes flamboyant, and a little bit of a peacoq inside. (sorry, it censors it if it's spelt right)
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  • posted a message on Have you ever broken a bone?
    Nope, I'm lucky. Got a real bad bruise on my leg though, I can't walk right now.
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  • posted a message on The Official Return/Leave Thread
    Hey. I'm back.

    I dunno if any of you remember me, but I stopped going on the forums around august last year.

    I just had a few pangs of nostalgia, so I wanted back in.

    Look forward to seeing you all again!
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  • posted a message on lf male curselax
    Y'know, I don't mind much, but I'd love any sun stones or electrizers you have lying around. If not, yeah, the elekid would be nice.
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  • posted a message on lf male curselax
    So... mine isn't EVed, but it's ready to be and it's a curselax.

    ... soo...

    ... does that work with you?
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  • posted a message on The "Gaia" Universe
    ||Name: Drakaya

    ||Description: She came from a rich family, and so now treats the few people she does meet as essentially inferior to her. She has a disability, however, and has very light bones, which means she cannot handle physical exertion. This was learned the hard way, seeing as she broke her arm off a small fall when she was a child. It took her a long time to recover, and even now, with her in her late teens, the bone is very tender.

    ||Gender: Female

    ||Magic Power: Due to a massive hate of combat, and the amplification of this by the spacetime rift, she no longer sees anything that troubles her... but she now cannot see at all. She has, however, developed psychic powers; simple mind reading, limited to emotions, and an equally strong ability to influence minds in the same way. She has telekinesis, though, to a remarkable degree, being able to move almost anything, even the air itself, so she tries to keep intentions as mild as possible, as anything too strong that she thinks will influence the environment around her.

    Yeah, it's a little longer than yours. Hopefully, not too long.
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  • posted a message on Gloat and Cry - GTS Edition!
    I kinda went nuts on the GTS, seeing as this is the first time I've been on it, despite having pearl since april...

    So, I got a Dialga for my Feraligatr. I was in such a good mood after that that I went and traded one of my moltres's (grammer? Eh.) for a Slowpoke wwith King's Rock attached. Which evolved into a slowking once I got it, bringing my dex closer to completion.

    Muhahah. Only 3 to go.

    Oh. And today, I looked up level 100 Tyranitars. One of them looked like a venusaur, but it said it was a tyranitar...

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  • posted a message on lf male curselax
    I got one, but... I'm looking to complete my pokédex..

    Bellossum (sp?), Suicune, Electivire.

    Any of those is great.
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  • posted a message on Desperately need these... within the next few hours.
    No, unfortunately. But as I said, I don't care about the level, so it seems like a decent offer to me.
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  • posted a message on Desperately need these... within the next few hours.
    For the first time ever, I managed to get onto WiFi... but unfortunately, that's because I'm at a relative's house. And we're leaving really soon, so...

    I'm willing to trade my 100 mewtwo for a suicune of any level, my 100 zangoose for an Electivire of any level, and my 100 kyogre for a bellossom (sp?) of any level. Please... anyone who wants to is good with me.

    And as long as they aren't hacked.

    I can't trade right now, but I will be able to in a few hours.

    By the way, the mewtwo is semi-EV'ed. By that, I mean I started EV training him at about level 75...

    So not perfect, but it's still a level 100 mewtwo.
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  • posted a message on Pokemon Quest
    Larry had gone off somewhere again. No-one really knew where...

    He did that. He always had.

    He'd probably never stop.

    In this case, he was going back to the takeaway joint he'd seen earlier. The food was decent there. Espeon approved, but there wasn't enough for some of his larger pokémon.

    He let Salamence out to hunt, but Wailord was a bit lonely.

    "Poor guy... you don't see enough action, do you?" said Larry, holding Wailord's Pokéball in his hand. He'd decorated it with blue-and-white seals.

    "Don't worry... we'll find something for you to do soon enough..."
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  • posted a message on Pokemon Quest
    "Look... we could possibly get him back to normal quicker." said Larry.

    "How do you know that?" asked Sam.

    "If we got a Pokémon with an energy draining move... like Leech Seed, or Giga Drain... we could get rid of some of that energy."

    "It's not gonna work." said Steph.


    "You reallise how much pure energy this is?" she said.

    "Ah. Yeah... but... we need something that can store that much energy."

    "Come on, the only thing that could store that much energy is a legendary... and it would have to be running really low on energy as it is."

    "But... what if it was hibernating? It's food would be running low by now."

    "What are you thinking of?"

    "Shaymin. It can drain. If we can find that gym leader... Sarah..."

    "But... why do we need to do this at all? Won't he go back to normal anyway?"

    "Guys? Not good..." said Cailene.

    Mike's temperature was skyrocketing.

    "Okay. We need to find Sarah... and more importantly, her Shaymin... quickly." said Sam. He looked back at Mike.

    He seemed so peaceful...
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  • posted a message on Best pokemon for my team?
    ... Mamoswine.

    The Choice Band sweeping of that makes me the fourth best player in the state.

    He PWNED!

    Love the mamoswine. Wish I'd thought of stealth rock.

    Oh, yeah. And I hate blissey... so... slightly biased here.
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  • posted a message on ... I'm back.
    You might just have noticed my absence... so... this is just me saying...

    I'M BACK!

    I got addicted to World of Warcraft. I still am... but I'll try to put Marriland higher on my priority list.

    And... also...

    I never actually made an introduce yourself topic...

    So... this is also my I'm Here post.

    Look forward to being back...

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