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  • posted a message on Signing Out, 9/9/08
    After much careful thought and consideration, as well as some IM convos (some friendly, some not), I have decided that it is best for me to leave. If you have any idea about the incidents recently, you'll know why, but in case you don't, I'll recount them.

    Some time ago, someone posted a topic on religion with a link to an anti-Christian video on youtube. I won't post the link, because then this post won't get approved. But I very much agreed with the video, and instead of moving the topic to the Topic Graveyard (invisible to all but Mods), I posted in it. One of the Moderators, I won't name them, moved my post to the Topic Graveyard because they thought it would "reflect poorly on the Moderating Team". As I felt it very important for my point to be made, I was angered that the topic was pseudo-deleted. I posted a counter to the Mod's comments, saying that I quit Modding and probably would be gone for about a week, then moved the topic back to this Board. It was removed once again. Things were calm for almost a week, during which time I was gone.

    When I returned, I requested to be removed form my Moderator position, also losing access to the Topic Graveyard and the Mod Squad (Mods-only Board). My request was fufilled, and things were rather calm.

    However, another topic involving religion sprang up. It can be found here. The topic soon became about religion itself. I participated in the argument, with behavior that PokeMama interpreted as rude to Christians. Consequently, I was sandboxed (could not post without Mod's approval.

    So that's the issue. I feel very strongly about attempting to change Christian's religions. I refuse to go back on that, as it would lose its meaning. So, now I really have no point in staying. First of all, I cannot argue about religion, which has become very important to me. I cannot access the Mod Squad or Topic Graveyard, a privelage that I had taken for granted. I'm sandboxed, meaning I have to wait for my posts to appear and they have to abide by the Rules PERFECTLY. Most of my old friends (mostly Mods) now dislike me, and one member confirmed that they hate me. So why stay?

    I honestly still do not regret what I did. I feel it needed to be done. Someone needed to TRY to change the Christian's minds. I tried nicely at first, but when evidence is ignored, that's when I get pissed off. And I doubt that, given the chance, I would take it back.

    It was a good 4 years here. The ending just wasn't so great. But I figure I've been here long enough. If I can't express my opinions, I want nothing to do with this place. And so I'm leaving. If there's anyone left who cares, my AIM is Chris 142857.

    You probably will never see me on these Forums again. I am effectively locking myself by switching to a dead e-mail address and changing my password without looking what I typed, meaning the only way I can get back in is by contacting an Admin, who I am not on good terms with. So, I figure this is it.

    -The Mod who Dared

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  • posted a message on A waste of time
    Quote from Revolver Ocelot »

    Without commericals, you wouldn't be seeing that show, so get over it, unless you never want to watch tv again.
    And the actual time span for a show on average is about 23-24 minutes, not twenty.

    Most shows I watch online have a run time of 20 minutes.

    Anyhow, I agree that that is a lot of time lost. I'd put another comment, but if I do, this post won't get approved. :(
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  • posted a message on South Park xD
    Love this show. Seen every episode and the Movie (online). Can't wait until the second half of the Season starts up.
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  • posted a message on Avatar: The Last Airbender Clan
    Quote from Motokino »

    That episode did look a little weird... but I suppose that if Aang tried to use any of his Bending or Avatar skills, it would only just put his reputation in a worst place than when it was supposed to be...

    But then again, if Aang died, the world would have no hope... BUT only if he died when he is in the Avatar state. If he died, he'd just be reincarnated in the...

    Water Tribe?

    Yes. And he'd be reincarnated as a baby, and have to wait another 12 years to be ready to fight the Fire Lord, long after Sozin's Comet arrived, at which point it would be too late.
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  • posted a message on A new begining
    Why are we taking the Mayans so seriously? They're a primitive civilization. I seriously doubt they know something we don't.
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  • posted a message on Avatar: The Last Airbender Clan
    Quote from komodoking79 »

    Quote from Genius »

    Quote from zangoose122 »

    join,earth,earth benders rulez


    LOL, one of my favorite lines. Cactus juice ftw.

    Anyone else confused by the episode Avatar Day? When Aang is declared guilty, he says "I will accept my punishment" which is almost certainly death, or at least torture. He can't be serious? If he dies, then he dooms the world because he refuses to run from some really messed up society.

    Furthermore, Sokka and Katara hardly react. Katara says, "Please land on community service!" while Sokka just sits there and ignores the incident.

    Anyone else find this episode a tad...strange?

    I never thought of it that way, but ya if you look at it at that point of view then ya that is strange.

    Yeah, it's not exactly one of my favorites.

    Anyone else watch the Boiling Rock, and go "Holy crap, Azula can fly?!" 'cause I did. Aang doesn't need his glider anymore, I guess.
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  • posted a message on Avatar: The Last Airbender Clan
    Quote from kyx25 »

    Lol, I love that episode.

    Meh, one of my least favorites. Didn't make much sense to me.
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  • posted a message on The Atheism Club
    Quote from SecretSolver »

    Could somebody present decisive proofin a case for Atheism? I'd like to see ow well you can defend your position.

    Well, we can disprove any religion that believes in the Bible, any religion that contradicts science, and any religion that believes in an afterlife. There are very few religions left after that.

    btw, I'm not Deist anymore. I'm Atheist. One fact nagging at the back of my head made me realize my old ideas were incorrect.
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  • posted a message on Tell me....

    Quote from bluejay100

    Quote from Genius

    There are 4 ways to get Celebi in G/S/C:

    1. Nintendo Event
    2. Get all the Pokemon other than Celebi in Crystal (JAPANESE ONLY!) (Not sure about this one)
    3. ... sibilities
    4. Gameshark

    Actually, for No. 2, I heard that you need to get the GS Ball and put it in that mysterious altar inside Ilex Forest, which brings Celebi over at level 30.

    Yeah. The way I understood it, that's how you got the GS Ball.

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  • posted a message on I miss you GSC generation
    I like G/S/C, mainly for the pleasant nostalgia and childhood memories.

    *encounters Suicune*


    *Suicune runs*

    I'm confused now...

    Ah, good times, good times.
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  • posted a message on What is your favorite old school game....
    2nd Gen>1st Gen. And I like Crystal the best of 2nd Gen because of the extra plot. So Crystal is my favorite.
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  • posted a message on SCHOOL!!!!!!!
    Quote from Link31 »

    Quote from DiarugaDude44 »

    Waste of childhood? Are you serious?

    (That's all I have to say in this thread)

    To be honest, the education system in America sucks.

    How so?
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  • posted a message on Whats the closests you have ever come to death?
    Quote from sephy389 »

    ive almost been hit by multiple cars. not fun.
    also, my really really near death incident was self inflicted x.x stupid me, right?
    details: i was 14 (so yeah, this happened just last year) and it was the last few weeks of school. my friend and i were being really stupid. one of our friends brought in some ambien (a really powerful sleeping drug) for one of our other friends, stupid druggies. my friend and i took some of them from her, he took two and i took three. he was trippin really badly when our science teacher noticed something was up and sent him to the nurse, with an escort. he was bein really crazy, thinking his feet were behind him when he was walking and kept nearly tripping. and that was only on two ambien. but he is smaller than i am, so it would affect him more anyway. i had three, and no one believed me cause i was fine, just really drowsy. i dont remember a whole lot of what happened, i just remember waking up in a hospital that sucked. my friend almost died, his heart stopped when he got to the hospital, but he was at a different one than i was so his service was better, had he been at the same hospital as me, he would probably be dead. it was by total chance that i survived and im glad i did cause that was the stupidest thing i ever did.

    Kids, don't do drugs.
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  • posted a message on Experimant going to doom us all?
    Quote from Pokefunguy »

    I seriously doubt anything's going to happen. They aren't trying to create black holes, or anything of the like.


    How many times do we have to explain that they aren't attempting to create black holes?
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  • posted a message on Tip to prevent global warming at home
    Quote from g0alieman »

    Quote from TK n Happy Ness »

    Don't listen to Al Gore. Global warming is a myth and more study is needed.

    Very true.'s not a myth, guys. It's proven fact.
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