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    posted a message on A Fusions Escape

    So here is the application process... Couldn't upload it yesterday because hey azurilland hates me!



    Gender ( if ya want to put one):

    Pokemon Fusion:

    Quick summary of personality:

    Brief history of being in the lab:

    Text Color:

    *up to two characters*

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    (Ive been gone for a few years and now I'm back writing, having a bit of a struggle with this plot. Hopefully we can start and roll with it!)

    A group of scientists began capturing Pokemon for their experiments, but their experiments were wrong and went against all laws of Pokemon nature. The scientist forced the combining of Pokemon to make them into powerful fusions. Most of these tests have failed, resulting in loss of life, but those who have lived are scared and want the torture to end. Can these poor fusions plan an escape from the horrific lab?


    1. Up to two characters

    2. Can not be a legendary hybrid (These scientists aren't that skilled at capturing Pokemon)

    3. I guess have fun with it

    4. If you have any plans for the story, let me know!

    My Character-

    Name: Sam (Nickname - Sammy)

    Age: 13

    Gender (if ya want to put one): Male

    Pokemon Fusion: Zoroark/Chandelure

    Quick summary of personality: Sam is pretty strong and independent. He is the silent type, but that doesn't mean he isn't always listening.

    Brief history of being in the lab: After the experiment to make Sam, his father (Zoroark) died. He was left with just his mother and all the others at the lab. Sam wasn't going to live and he wanted not to, but those scumbag scientists cured him back to health. Without his father to guide him in dark type training, he learned mostly fire type moves thanks to his mother. At the age of eight, Sammy's mother died. After that he became the well known silent type.

    Text Color: Navy Blue

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