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look guys i'm trendy

Hey, woah! Looks like you stumbled on my personalized little corner of the forums. I decided to replace the SAMPLE TEXT SAMPLE TEXT that used to repeat over and over here.

Although I thought that was pretty funny.

So, yeah, boom! I can profile now. Fight me no don't actually do that


About Me™

lmao whats with the TM thing

* I'm a high school student in Pennsylvania, USA. Senior year, woot woot!
* My favorite color is PURPLE
* My favorite Pokemon are and and also
* I like chiptune, and I make it, too! Check me out on Soundcloud >HERE<
* My favorite foods are cheesesteak sandwiches, cucumbers, and apple cider.
* When I leave school, I intend on going into writing, music, or game design
* My favorite "regular" band would probably have to be a tie between Journey/FALILV at this point. I like most music that isn't country, though. ;3
* As far as Pokemon is concerned, I do a bit of everything; I dabble in breeding, competitive, and challenges. I've been playing since 2007 or 2008, and started with Pokémon FireRed.
* I've actually been a member on here since April 21, 2012! This is my second account.
* I used to be Za_Destroyer/Apparatus.
* My favorite video game is probably VVVVVV. It's a really nifty little platformer that has you flipping gravity instead of jumping.
* My favorite video game SERIES is probably Pokémon.
* I love goofing around and posting/creating bad memes ;3c

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FC 4528-3562-6071 IGN Ben (X, M, UM) Favorite Pokémon Ribombee/Jirachi Pokémon Interests
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  • Breeder
  • Nuzlocker


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