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AKA James, Jim, Nanu Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself

Hello! I'm James and I've been a dedicated pokemon fan since 2004. These days, I'm mostly a breeder, and collector, though I'm just starting to edge my way into competitive. I completed the national pokedex in gen 6 onwards in case any of you need any help on nation pokedex breedable pokemon. I one day hope to start a trade shop. Be on the lookout!
(formerly FullNutellaAlchemist and Wigglytuff)
I'm also into a few other things. I play Yu-gi-oh, and I'm in love with Starbound and Stardew Valleyat the moment.

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FC 0216-1504-7919 Favorite Pokémon Chandelure Pokémon Interests
  • Casual Player
  • Breeder
  • Shiny Hunter
  • Collector
  • Trader