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AKA Connor Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself

Welcome to Paradox's Profile

Oh, hello there! I'm Paradox, but you can call me Connor. I've been playing Pokémon for over ten years, and it's my favorite thing to do! If you ever have a question about any game, feel free to PM me about it!

Forum Stuff

I've been a part of these forums since October 26, 2015.
Previous Usernames: MonEvolutions, Ginger_Weasley
I have a recoloring shop for sprites (if you ever want to check that out).
I am a member of both The Southern Island and The Eevee Clan.
I'm most active in the Pokemon and Non-Pokemon sections, and you can find me in a bunch of different sub-forums.
I love to participate in events on the site, such as Hurt N' Heal, Mafia, and Secret Santa.
I am open to talking with anyone at any time, so just send me a PM if you want to chat! But if you'd like to make things a bit easier, you can just add me on Skype under Ginger_Weasley.

Personal Stuff

I'm kinda shy towards people, but I open up very quickly to those whom I connect with well.
My favorite color is blue.
I live in Pennsylvania, USA.
My favorite foods are waffles, ice cream, and ribs.
My dream is to become a marine biologist.
My favorite animals are sea turtles, penguins, and foxes.
My favorite things to do are playing video games, drawing, and listening to music.

Pokémon Stuff

Favorite Pokémon: Breloom Golduck Roserade Tyranitar Eevee Emolga Arcanine Togetic Crawdaunt Pangoro Seismitoad Noctowl Aurorus Infernape Snorlax Skuntank Swampert Butterfree Bulbasaur Kingdra Raichu Venusaur Blastoise Banette Chesnaught Sharpedo Luxray Aerodactyl Vanilluxe Zoroark Gothitelle Magmortar Garbodor Serperior Vileplume Mawile Drapion Slaking Pinsir Walrein Emboar Porygon Kabutops Relicanth Delphox Meganium Slowking Charizard Sableye Arceus Chatot Gyarados Regigigas Regice Manectric Spinda Volbeat Shuckle Deoxys Mime Jr. Ampharos Clefable Muk Spiritomb Eelektross Dunsparce Buizel Mamoswine Onix Pineco Maractus Torterra Bidoof Lickitung Dewgong Gallade Conkeldurr Flygon Snorunt Whimsicott Oshawott Swampert Musharna Charmander Skarmory Incineroar Hydreigon Scyther Magneton Sceptile Scolipede Scizor Girafarig Torkoal Rattata Lanturn Larvesta Yveltal
Favorite Games: Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Fire Red, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, Pokémon Black 2
Favorite Starters: Bulbasaur Cyndaquil Mudkip Chimchar Snivy Chespin Rowlet
Favorite Legendaries: Zapdos Raikou Latios Mesprit Thundurus Xerneas Tapu Bulu
Favorite Generation: Generation 3
Favorite Types: Fairy, Ghost, Grass, Water

Well, thanks for visiting my profile, and I hope to see you around the forums!


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  • Casual Player
  • Competitive Battler
  • Shiny Hunter
  • Collector
  • Trader
  • Nuzlocker


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