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Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself
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Welcome to my Profile!
I am a 13 year old who lives in Australia, who likes Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kirby and pretty much Nintendo in general! Unfortunately, I have to study a lot and play the Piano/Violin but I am on frequently. Nice to meet ya!
And also please don't scold me moderators, I am a perfect A+ student! (Totally)
Also recently got addicted to Kdrama, Korean Variety shows and some Kpop.
MasterMind1511 -> PhoenixGryffindor -> Alolan_Absol -> Type_Null
Composing and reading are what I enjoy doing, as well as chatting with friends.
Hope to see you around!
Time Zone AEST


IGN N/A Favorite Pokémon Me (Duh)/Silvally Pokémon Interests
  • Casual Player
  • Competitive Battler
  • Breeder
  • Shiny Hunter
  • Trader
  • Hacker
  • Nuzlocker


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Soon more custom badges coming!