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AKA Tom, TheSpartanWolf Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself
Hey there!
I'm Spartan, otherwise known as Tom. I am a Gamer, Cosplayer, Artist, Musician, Voice Actor and just an all round nutcase. I hail from the UK, and yes, I do drink copious amounts of tea. I'm sort of semi-active on the forums; I lurk a lot, and only post every now and then on my subscribed threads, hence the reason I have ~450 posts over nearly 3 years.
You can check out some of my stuff in the following threads:
Cosplay - Photo Sharing Thread
Artwork - Spartan's Artwork Dump
Roleplaying - Clarion: The Last Light
See you around, nerd.
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  • Casual Player
  • Competitive Battler
  • Breeder
  • Nuzlocker


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