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  • posted a message on RMT Drafts/RMT Discussion

    Okay so I agree with Awesome_Typhlosion on the set comments, but I would suggest bigger changes mostly in the way you are building both your teams. You took sets from Smoogon, thats perfectly fine, I do that too. I would say they will mostly work better than anything you come up yourself, beacuse those sets are carefully discussed before being put in the Strategy pokedex by multiple people, mostly meta experts with huge amount of experience. So if it is not an absolute mandatory for the team comp and strategy, dont try to use anything that is not mentioned in the set commentary for the specific set.

    So getting to the point, building a team consists from multiple steps which are described in detail on multiple sites over the internet. But that is quite complicated and if you just want to make a team built around a specific mon (normally you build teams around two mons -"core") it is best to choose mons that synergize well with it.

    The thing is, I dont see any strategy behind neither of your teams. You have Lando-T as your defensive/lead mon and rest mostly sweepers (Mew is an execption). This is a definition of an Ultra-offense team, but even than you need some synergy between individual mons. Both your teams lose pretty hard to stall after Gengar, Kartana and Crobat are taken out and they lack any wallbreaking potential.

    So what I recommend is to start over. Use Mew offensively instead of defensively (Mewnium Z) and build your team around it. Look into "Team options" in strategy dex if you are using that as your primary source. Also, you wont build a good team from mons you listed. First team is OU, but you lack Tapus who are almost mandatory for any OU team nowadays, no matter if it is stall or ultra offense team. Your second team is mixed OU/UU which from my personal experience wont end well. Celebi and Crobat are both OU irrelevant and you also lack hazard removal so Crobat is most likely getting stomped before it does anything useful.

    So in summary: rebuild your team around offensive Mew variant, do not use any lower tier mons unless they have some use for your core team strategy are they are mentioned in "OU viability rankings", think of a core team strategy or build a balanced team (walls, lead, sweepers, support) that has lots of coverage and can deal with all kinds of teams

    Hope I helped!

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Nickname: Lee

    Signature pokemon: Sceptile, if its already taken, then Alolan Persian

    Competitive Battling Experience: Have played competitively online since Black/White came out. I have also dabbled with Showdown.

    Why am I joining?: To get better! I expect to hone my skills, and learn new strategies for when I beat UM

    Other: Well I'm a dedicated player, have played every game multiple times through, however, I'm really new to using Azurilland. Mega Sceptile is my favorite, but Alolan Persian is a close second.

    Is that everything for the application?

    Hey, welcome!
    Nice to see some life in the club after christmas again. Ben took care of everything already, but I want to ask you, are you more of a ingame or showdown battler, since I cant say from your application post. Also what formats/tiers you battle in? I could just make you fill the Ranking system application form, but it is just far too complicated for now.

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  • posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Quick Battles Thread!

    Might aswell try this out, cuz why not?

    IGN: Spark
    FC: 1521-4625-2784

    Format: Singles
    Other: Smogon OU if possible, but I can do Uber and UU aswell

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Yeah well I guess we are back at the topic "Uber is banlist not a tier". Because, and Marshadow is a living example of this. Ubers have some insane differences in between individual Mons. I had an Uber battle yesterday and I lost solely because my Uber team just didnt have the power the opposing mons had. My opponent brought PDon, Ultracrozma while my best answers were Mega Mewtwo X and Darkrai (no I dont run Dark Void on it in case you were wondering). I got stomped (obviously). PDon easily livied EQ from Megatwo X and OHKOed my with his signature move despite Mewtwo having 100 in both defenses (thats more than Marshadow). And than what do you think happend when I busted out Black hole eclipse on Ultracrozma? It did barely half. Was I pissed? No (not because I can handle losing, because I actually beated this guy twice in OU before this match happend), but its one more reason for Marshadow hardly being "insanely overpowered" as some people like to call him.

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Okay so as expected it is getting kinda lazy here so the least I can do is get some discussion going:

    Marshadow - Some say that Its broken even in Ubers and some that its standard OU pokemon. What do you think? What makes Marshadow so good and are you planning on using one yourself?

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Ah okay XD. Would be nice if you guys on showdown would start battling to as I am organizing ingame battles.

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Awesome_Typhlosion and Dregran, can I consider your battle a Ranked battle and therefore change your titles? If yes, can I get a full report on the results?

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club

    Sorry to post off topic (I know I am breaking my own rules, but thats the point, I made them I can break them), but I never particpated in VGC so I can hardly comment on anything.

    I finished the main USUM storyline and after RR arc and some Battle Tree grinding I am looking forward to battle those of you who claimed to be ingame battleres. I also hope se can get official showdown battles going and finally put ranking system to use. I hope you are ready for some action.

    Also if it is okay to change topic (VGC was discussed for a while now) what do you think was more influential regarding competitive battling, Mega evolutions or Z moves?

    To reply myself I think Megas brang more in the end than Z moves did as they made specific pokemon competitivly viable while Z moves only allowed to build around certain strategies. I am eager to hear your thoughts!

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club
    Quote from Solar»

    I would like to join the fun.

    Signature pokemon: Fairy Arceus

    Competitive battling experience: I battle strictly on cart and do not like Showdown. The tiers that I enjoy the most are Doubles and Ubers. VGC competitor in 2010, 2012, and 2016. Gen 4 Ubers/OU/VGC, Gen 5 VGC, Gen 6 OU/VGC, Gen 7 OU/VGC. And I participate in most of those random global link tournaments like Flash Clash and stuff. About 95% of my battling now a days is on Battle Spot, so 3v3 and 4v4 flat is a major tier of mine too.

    Why are you joining/your expectations: I saw some people here battle on cart and are talking about Ubers and I'm :3 face. I'm not really caught up or care about the current main OU meta but I like battling on my 3DS a lot and wanna do that with people so like yeah...I just really like competitive battling it's a special part of my overall Pokémon experience.

    Other: Battling with the Pokémon you've raised and grown to love is why I like Pokémon so much, so that's why I like to play strictly on cart. I enjoy putting in the work for it--breeding, training, battling. I mean I'm all about strategizing and thinking about movesets and spreads and all that good stuff but I'm not really playing for the sheer ultimate competition of it all, if that makes sense. That's just what I like doin'. For the glory of Acelon.

    Great! More ingame battleres! Always nice to see. I am also a big Battle spot fan, so I am looking forward to battling you as soon as I get my team ready in USUM. Whole grinding mechanics are my favourite part of the postgame and with the quality of life improvements we got in USUM everything is faster than ever plus the Hyper training mechanic makes Uber battling much more accesible which I welcome aswell. I will look for animated fairy Arceus sprite as soon as I can, runing bit low on time lately.
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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club
    Nagandel in ubers? Huh, I was almost certain it would end up OU. I agree that primals are too strong for ubers as a tier, Groudon especially with only one weakness.
    PS: sorry for being gone for a while, got my copy in friday and trying to finish the game
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  • posted a message on Hello!

    You are not the only one who decided to join after using this website for other purposes XD. Quite an impressive amount of hobbies and interests you got there. Anyways, welcome and best of luck with whatever are you going to start here.

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  • posted a message on Guess whose back?

    Hey, it is always nice to see old timers return. There might be aswell hope after all.

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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club
    Quote from Scherzo»
    Nickname: Colin

    Signature pokemon: Mega Lucario

    Competitive battling experience: I actually love battling in ubers. I've had on-and-off competitive experience for the past few years and I'm about to teach my older brother the competitive scene since he got Sun last Christmas. I do sometimes go on Showdown, but my experience is more competitive battling on battling spot. I plan on getting into the VGC in February.

    Why are you joining/your expectations: I want to talk more about competitive lol. Plus I want to gain more knowledge on the subject and have more people to battle with.

    Other: Not really, you guys know everything else I do already. Competitive battling isn't my top priority though. CST. acelon.

    Hey. Nice to finally see someone who actually battles ingame! I made an Uber team a while ago in ORAS so I hope we can battle in USUM as soon as possible. Plus you are welcome to join ongoing discussion. Anyways, your form is ok so you are accepted!
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  • posted a message on Ultra League -- Pokémon Competitive Battling Club
    Quote from Type_Null»
    Battle platform: Showdown
    Battle format: Both singles/doubles
    Tier: OU/NU/Monotype/VGC/BattleSpotDoubles preferred, but I can do any tier except LC and NFE
    Rules: Normal

    Other: AEST, available from 1pm AEST to 1:40pm AEST on weekdays, or Sunday. No FC, Team Ultra

    Great, everything is in order now. Also it would be nice to hear your thoughts on the current topic!
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  • posted a message on Vanilite Line, why so much Hate?

    Ok I will probbably represent mainstream here (which I usually dont). Whole Vanilite evolution line looks unoriginal and overally badly designed to me. Keys, lamps even just toxic mud are okay concepts, but adding living Casteliacone in the game? Cmon GF you can do better than that and that was gen five. Gen with so many well designed pokemon.

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