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Hey I am Agneus and I am back once again after taking a long break from all Pokemon stuff. I joined Azurilland (Marilland at a time) about three years ago when I finished X and Y on my brand new 3DS and was looking for trade/battle opportunities. I ended up starting my own club and sucessfully leading it in ORAS/post ORAS times. Forums got quite inactive at the time and even Sun and Moon releases didnt help it much. I decided that it is a time to take a break. My club got closed, people I knew went inactive and many things changed as I were gone. So now after a year I am coming in kinda lost hoping to get back into action ASAP. I am mainly a competitive battler, but I am exicted to discuss anything anytime. I am more than prepeared fór Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to come out and I cant wait to get back into meta again. So that Is it from me and i hope to see you around on the forums.


FC 1521-4625-2784 IGN Spark Favorite Pokémon Infernape Pokémon Interests
  • Casual Player
  • Competitive Battler
  • Breeder