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    posted a message on October 23rd, 2018: New Administrator!
    Quote from seaturtle »
    Quote from B!RD »
    Remember the good old days of CassiaVolt where we schemed to overthrow the moderator staff? Remember when Bubba was one of us?

    t r a i t o r
    You're thinking about it all wrong.... I've just finally managed to infiltrate the inner circle naughty
    Excuse me, what was that? Did you say something? happy
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    Thank you so much for your input everyone. We will be taking Devin's very generous offer to host our new forums! Speaking of, we're already working on putting them together so stay tuned. We're excited to take this new journey with you ♥ n.n
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    VERY IMPORTANT: Now is the time to vote!
    As some of you that frequent the Discord know: Devin — you may know him as Marriland — came forth with an offer to host us.

    He was the founder of the Marriland Forums, which we used to be known as before Devin's leave in 2015. The Marriland Forums were a thing for over ten years in his care, and he has offered to scoop us back up in this time of need in a very generous offer. I apologize that the staff have been quiet about this for the past couple of days — we needed to speak about the offer in detail with Devin and make sure all of the staff were on the same page and understood what all of this would entail. We have all really mulled over these two options in the meantime.

    What exactly has Marriland offered to do?

    He has essentially offered to host new forums, the Marriland Forums (hey, it's back), and bring over the current staff and community. The current staff would have full control over how we set up the forums, what we would add, and how it would be organized. You would have a say in organization after this phase is done of course! We want our new home to be smooth and pretty regardless of choice.

    Devin would be a Founder with Administrator permissions, and would give input or suggestions concerning the forums when he saw fit — but he would leave the decision-making to us and would step in for any legal issues if need be. I feel this needs to be clear, as I have been notified that some have quiet concerns about certain aspects of this already. Anything further about development will be explained at a later date, when the forums open and depending on which option we choose, because I have nothing further concrete for you and don't want to say something and have it end up being another way.

    The Marriland Forums would likely be run on the forum system Xenforo, which will allow us much more freedom to customize it how we wish. The forums would eventually run along side his site, which would launch at a later date.

    We still have the option to go our own way if we really want to.

    It would be more work, sure, but we could be our own thing with our own name and start from scratch. This could be a charming idea and definitely one that sounds like a dream coming from Curse, but one that is more difficult to get off the ground; especially with staff paying out of pocket for server and forum system costs for something that may have little opportunity to grow.

    We were all on board for this idea because it's what we had, and no matter what we don't want the community to lose its home. Now that we have another option that is so much more promising in terms of growth, we really had to take a moment and consider this beyond the notion of stubbornly sticking to one thing for the idea of total freedom.

    So which do we choose?

    The staff have been speaking with Devin and considering both options openly, and we all agree that taking him up on his offer to host us would be the best thing for our community, and we implore you to really think this over before you make a decision too.

    Something we have severely struggled with over the years is growth after our 2014-ish decline, and this is no secret. How do we not only keep people here, but grow and bring in new people? We started the Azuricast, opened social media which we spammed with news and events and art, created a schedule of consistent activities and articles...and all of our efforts over the years yielded little result. While growth under the name Marriland is not a for sure thing we can give you numbers for of course, it presents way more of a chance to grow and nurture our community than we would have alone. The community is the heart of this. We want to see it grow and persist and prosper, and that's what really matters.

    Please ask questions!

    If you have any questions about either option, please ask. And please post with what you would prefer to do! The staff are on board with and giving the advisory to take Marriland's offer — but the community is at the heart of all of this and we're not going to make the decision without you. We can't dally either though since we're on the clock, so please keep conversation going! Even if you just post "yes" or "no" or "i dont care" that's okay haha.

    Thank you for reading. ♥
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    Hello everyone.

    I think we all knew this was coming eventually, but Curse no longer has the resources from a developmental standpoint to continue hosting Azurilland. Our forums will be archived after November 8th, and will be viewable in read-only at: https://www.azurilland.com/. [Here] is an example of an archived Curse forum.

    I know this is sudden, I know this is sad, and I know we don't have much time to get ourselves together and move somewhere else. We all have memories here and I wish we could just move all of our posts to a new platform and keep chugging along — but unfortunately, that's not possible.

    But there is good news here! While this is Azurilland's sunset, a new dawn rises for our community. We have freedom and opportunities, and we are going to do this together!

    We are moving!

    That's right: we have enough staff to get ourselves up and running on another platform before Azurilland is archived. I know we have memories here and it feels like home, but I am of firm belief that we can stick together through this and make ourselves a new one.

    We are considering our options, and you're more than welcome to give us input, but it looks like we'll be moving to a paid domain with forums run with Simple Machines software. This should allow us plenty of freedom to do what we want with our new site. This may very well change because this is just what we're looking at right now with what little time we've had since the news.

    Our new name

    There is plenty to talk about going forward, but we need to keep focused on one topic at a time and chug through this. We are not legally able to keep the name Azurilland, and our archive will retain that name anyway — and we won't be using an extension (like "The Azurilland Community") or a shortened version (like "Azuri"), either.

    Let's move away from that line and become something new, something wholly us. Marriland left a beautiful legacy here and we paid homage to that by adopting the name Azurilland in his honor — but now, with this, it's time for us to adopt our own identity.

    That's where you come in! We'll be keeping our Pokémon theme (we'll talk more about forum structure and focus later), but we have total freedom beyond that. Your ideas can be Pokémon names, Pokémon city-related, whatever you want. We'll go through them, see which people like, narrow it down, and vote. Don't dally though! We can't take too long on just the name. We have so much to do ;;

    I know some staff had ideas, so please post those too. ♥

    Our Azurilland Memories

    Some of us have spent years here — and even if you haven't, Azurilland quickly comes to feel like home. We've made friends and shared laughs and had fantastic times.

    You may have noticed that there's a new subforum: Azurilland's Sunset and Your Memories. Within this subforum there is a pin explaining a little bit more on what to put in your individual threads, but now is the time for us to look back on our memories here, share and cherish them.

    View the pin here and share your Azurilland journey with everyone.

    Offer a thank you to Curse

    I hear you laughing, but hear me out.

    I know we have all been frustrated with Curse on multiple occasions. Things broke a lot, locked us out, and probably drove some people away. And believe me, on the staff side of things it was inCREDIBLY frustrating hhhhrrrrrrrgrumblegrumble

    But all this aside, the fact still remains that after we lost Marriland and adopted our new name, they kept hosting us for free because of our community. They didn't have to. They didn't have enough of a revenue reason to either. Behind the face of a company that clearly doesn't run the greatest, there are some kind people that allowed us to be together on the home we knew for as long as they could.

    So join me in taking a moment to thank them for keeping us up for as long as they did.

    Please ask questions, and stay active in conversation!

    I know this is sudden and you probably have questions. I can't say that we have all of the answers just yet, but the staff will be active in this transition and assist you as best as we are able. That said, we can't make this as smooth and quick without your continued participation — so please check back on this thread often and offer your input and suggestions. Pursue continued conversation. Let's get this done before the last minute!

    Thank you everyone. This will be a stressful time, but I know we can do it.

    Name List

    ✧ Viridian Forums
    ✧ Viridian City Forums
    ✧ Something with Volcarona?
    Relic Castle
    ✧ Sunyshore Haven
    ✧ Snowbelle Mountains
    ✧ Kyuremarkable Forums
    ✧ Something with Togepi?
    ✧ Whirl Islands
    ✧ Anville Town
    ✧ Opelucid City
    ✧ Treasure Town
    ✧ The Underground
    ✧ Abundant Shrine
    ✧ Altar of the Moone/Sunne
    ✧ Azure Bay
    ✧ Celestial Tower
    ✧ Lost in Eterna Forest (codename: Lief)
    ✧ Fabled Cave
    ✧ Secret Islet
    ✧ Stratos Lookout
    ✧ Shaymin Village
    ✧ Sky Peak
    ✧ Rainbow Wing Forums
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    posted a message on How to Report Bugs / List of Known Bugs
    The following bugs have been fixed and removed from the first post:
    If you notice anything off, or if this is not the case for you, please post!
    • You may now edit your own posts
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    posted a message on Staff Leave of Absence Thread: Check Here to See Which Staff Are Available or Away!
    This will mostly affect work behind the scenes so you may not notice a thing, but I may be a little less active for a bit. Will still do news and update bugs ♥

    EDIT: Back ^^
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    posted a message on Minor Updates Thread [Last Update: August 25th, 2018]
    August 25th, 2018: Bugs have been found a little more often lately, and in the midst of this I noticed that I haven't been keeping up with the appropriate thread to ensure you are informed. Since I'm the one that reports this sort of thing that can only be pinned on me and I am really sorry.

    The [How to Report Bugs / List of Known Bugs] thread has been updated, and bugs can now be reported in the thread instead of PM'ing me (but you still can if you wish! haha ♥). Whenever a bug has been added to the first post or fixed, a staff member will also post in the thread to update you — this is so the thread gets attention when it needs to and everyone stays up to date on what's happening on the bug front. happy
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    posted a message on ~*The Eevee Clan V.7: Our Legacy*~
    You know that sounds great :L
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    posted a message on Minor Updates Thread [Last Update: August 25th, 2018]
    August 15th, 2018: Ever wanted to get your meme on, Azurill-style? Well now, thanks to Dregran, you can!
    Introducing the : thonk : Azurill ( thonk ), for your use on the website and official Discord.
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    posted a message on August 11th, 2018 — Welcome Our New Moderator!
    Hello fellow Azurillanders!

    Today we bring news of a Moderator promotion. We've been watching this user for a while now, and their forum conduct as well as their competitive knowledge and participation have consistently impressed us. They will have a focus in competitive, helping us to bring your ideas to life alongside GokeyPokey — though of course you'll see them outside of the section too.

    Please join us in welcoming Awesome_Typhlosion to the staff team!
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