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AKA SiN, Mal, Shiny Gender ♂ (Male) About Myself

Current avatar: Honey from Hamatora

Hello, greetings, and welcome! I am the anime fan nobody knows, the Shiny Shinigami, and this is my profile!

What do I do here? . . . Good question. I'm rarely active on the forums. I used to participate heavily in RPs until I got heavily irritated by the LACK OF MALE GIJINKA FOR POKEMON I LIKE. *Ahem* Now, however, I mostly hang out in the mini-game sections of the forums. That is, when I'm actually online.

I'm a fairly busy person (depending on your definition of "busy"), with so many series to finish that it could take my entire life (and maybe after that, if possible). Plus, I have brothers. And dogs. Guess which I prefer.

When it comes to Pokémon, I take an odd route: My obsession with arachnids and cephalopods has led me to becoming a massive fan of Spinarak/Ariados, Octillery, Gligar/Gliscor, Skorupi/Drapion, Joltik/Galvantula, Inkay/Malamar, and Dewpider/Araquanid. You'll probably see at least one of them somewhere near me, whether it be dancing in the signature or elsewhere.

I also hunt Shiny Pokémon when I'm in the mood, mostly for the ones I have a connection to. In fact, from the above seven families named, I have all of seven Shiny representatives in what I call my "Shiny Army"!

I create characters. Lots of characters. I have at least 100 original characters, and I roleplay as even more (including some canon characters I have grown fond of).

And lastly, my anime addiction. It can probably be referred to as such, at least. My anime list shouldn't be too hard to guess, just look for the nearest thing to my username here (maybe remove the underscore).

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FC 3540-0139-6680 IGN Sin (US) Favorite Pokémon Malamar Pokémon Interests
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