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    posted a message on Ctrl+V Game V2
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    posted a message on Best and Worst Experiences At Major Games Reatailors?
    I don't go to many video game retailers, but most of them are pretty nice around here. The only time I remember being super bummed out is not being able to get a single Pokemon code when they were being given out even though I went to like, 10 EBGame stores. One of the downsides of living in the city.
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    posted a message on De facto Food
    Bubble tea, I have one at least every second day. I think about it almost all the time. If I could only buy one thing it would be bubble tea.

    Second is korean rice cakes, I also think about this all the time. I think it's the chewy texture in tapioca pearls and rice cakes I'm addicted to.
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    posted a message on Neb's Ask Me Anything
    Herro ^^ Here are a few random questions for ya'

    1. How do you feel about chess?
    2. What do you first think of when you wake up?
    3. Do you have any unusual fears or phobias?
    4. What do you think of mice?

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    posted a message on Wandering
    This wouldn’t be an Azuviin memories thread if there wasn’t an artwork for it.

    There’s so much I want to say but at the same time I have no idea what to say. This site was literally my first introduction to the internet. I signed up when I started year 7, and it’s ending when I’m graduating year 12. My Pokemon obsessed 11 year old self decided to sign up to comment on the articles, and slowly eased to interacting with others on the forums. I was so anxious but I’m so glad I did it because it led me onto this beautiful journey.

    My time on the internet is probably something like 80% Azurilland 20% everything else. If I didn’t have Azurilland I’m not sure what I would be doing on the internet other than wasting time. I’m a pretty simple person with very few interests, Pokemon.. art.. that’s basically it. I honestly can’t imagine how different my life would have been if Azurilland didn’t exist.

    I’ve had some bad times but the forums saved me and helped me go on. This is such an amazing community, and I always felt safe and thought about. I wouldn’t be the person I am without Azurilland. It’s helped me grow up through my teenage years.


    Marriland/Azurilland has inspired my creativity tremendously. I would be nowhere near where I am now artistically if it wasn’t for this site. I’ve learnt so much about art. The inspiration and encouragement from all the wonderful users here have brought me so far. Even the smallest mentions of my art makes me feel really special. I can’t express how much the forums have helped me grow creatively, and I’m so thankful for that.

    I was incredibly fond of the creative boards, which I worked so hard in an attempt to revive. I poured so much effort into it, prioritising it over every single other responsibility I had in life. There was a small period of time when the creative boards really flourished, for Azurilland activity standards. But things eventually got out of hand I guess, I got my priorities wrong, expectations were too high and I burned myself out rather quickly. I stopping putting effort into the creative boards and it showed, the activity left when I left.

    My fondest memory was the invitation to become a moderator, which was only a few months after I joined. I can’t even describe the feeling, I was still relatively new and young so it came out of nowhere. Being a moderator on this site was an absolute privilege. I have had some rough inactive periods, but my passion for keeping the site thriving has always remained the same. Thank you so much to all of the staff members who have poured their heart and souls into the site, and for being like family to me.

    I resigned because I was being sent to a mental hospital for a month and obviously had no free access to the internet. I was expecting to come back after I was discharged, but I was no longer a moderator, meaning I was free from responsibilities. I decided I should take a break and take this time for myself instead of immediately getting back to work. While I miss being a moderator, this was definitely the best decision at the time. I kept trying to achieve more than I could handle, and it just burnt me out and made me feel terrible.

    I’m incredibly awful at keeping up with clubs, I’ve been really inactive and kicked out of most of them. But the Paws and Claws tribe holds a really special place in my heart. Social anxiety is strong, especially online for me, but in PCT I somehow managed to break free from my anxiety riddled self and speak out and have actual conversations with people. I genuinely made some friends I enjoyed talking to and it just felt so magically comfortable.

    Even though we’re moving to a new place I’m still really torn up that we’re leaving Azurilland behind.

    Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. Let’s look forward to a brighter future together.
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    posted a message on AMA - Azuviin
    How have the requests been?
    I presume in my art shop? It's been great, I enjoy going out of my comfort zone, I learn so much.

    What’s your favorite and least favorite color?
    My favourite changes all the time but currently I love Daniel Smith's Rose of Ultramarine
    I don't have a least favourite, I think all colours play a part.

    What’s something you want to try one day?
    Go into outerspace, if that becomes possible in the future

    Favorite place you’ve travelled to?
    Definitely Kyoto, Japan

    What do you think is the best art piece you’ve made?
    Honestly I don't think I have a best art piece, I've been feeling a little down with my art recently maybe that's why.

    What’s your favorite art software and why?
    Photoshop by far, it's incredibly versatile and amazing for anything art related. I also recently got an iPad Pro and Procreate and it's a dream to draw on as well.

    How’d you find Marriland?
    I used to watch Marriland's videos a lot, and then I stumbled on his site looking for Pokemon news and information.

    What’s a Pokémon you tend to forget about?

    I can't remember a lot of the recent Pokemon, their designs aren't as memorable as previous Pokemon and they look more like Digimon. Though that's probably because I didn't play a lot of Sun and Moon. Otherwise I forget that Dwebble exists.

    Favorite region?


    What languages can you speak?
    English, Teo Chew, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese

    What was the first Pokémon you ever saw other than Pikachu?
    Goodness I'm not sure if I remember the very first Pokemon, but a few of the first were probably the Sinnoh starter trio. My first introduction to Pokemon was Pokemon Diamond.

    Thanks so much for the questions, they were really fun!
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    posted a message on What is the last thing you bought?
    I ended up lining up to try the new Yomie's rice yoghurt shop that opened nearby. Luckily the line was short at the time, because I was severely disapointed, I thought it tasted pretty meh. That 30 minute wait definitely wasn't worth it lol.
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    posted a message on ☆ Azuviin’s Art Gallery ☆
    Thank you so much! Your words are too kind <3

    Here are some more drawings, a few requests and a few others of my own.

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    posted a message on ☆ Azuviin's Artsy Studio ☆
    Here's the shiny mega Gallade for Connor ^^
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    posted a message on October 23rd, 2018: New Administrator!
    Congratulations Bubba! Not surprised at all, you really deserve it and I know you'll do a great job.
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    posted a message on ☆ Azuviin's Artsy Studio ☆
    Here's Null's request!

    Though for now I'm not accepting any new requests, I'm just going to finish the rest of these requests. I'll take requests again when I reopen the shop on the new forum. :)
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    posted a message on Inktober 2018
    I did a few more but I've missed the last few days. Not because I'm drawing less though, I've just been really into digital art lately.

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    posted a message on What Are You Playing Right Now? V.2
    I just bought Mario Kart 7 and am addicted to it again, now I have another reason to buy the switch because I want to get Mario Kart 8.
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    posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53!
    My post count has been stuck in the 7000's for ages now. I feel like 80% of my posts were made in my first year, and the rest were made in the last 4 years.
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    posted a message on Azurilland's Sunset, and the Dawn of New Opportunities
    I actually did shed a few tears when I saw this, even though we're still getting a new sight and it's not ending. I guess these forums just meant more to me than even I thought I did. I don't really have much to say right now, but going back to being the Marriland forums would be wonderful to me.
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