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    posted a message on me and my mates havin a gd time
    haha yeah
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    posted a message on Party 1 VS The Guards of Gariland
    attack guard captain
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    posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - I Don't Wanna Feel Blue Anymore~
    not really the same thing but I've been feeling quite horny lately so yeeees?

    cuffing season is coming about soon tbf
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    no one asked u
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    posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - I Don't Wanna Feel Blue Anymore~
    relevant update I suppose

    through regrettable drunken texts sent last night and then my amazing chat this morning and afternoon I have managed to secure a date for when I move back into London with someone who's actually quite fit so there's that

    in addition have things going smoothly with two other girls and potentially a third if talks go well

    things are good essentially
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    posted a message on Party 1 VS The Guards of Gariland
    haken distall on guard captain
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    posted a message on Party 1 Chat [Battle!]
    The consensus was made by the group; they would begin by heading east and journeying into the city. This being decided, all six of the warriors gathered their possessions and set off. As they approached, they realised they may have something of a problem. Two of their number had fantastical skin colours, where as none of the other travellers they saw on the way had anything similar. At least, they all seemed armed, but that was only a small comfort. Though some of the warriors began to feel nervous that their difference from the rest of the folk would mean they wouldn’t be allowed entry, they still resolutely marched forward to the gates of the city.

    After a few hours journey, they had reached the gates. The sun had shifted from almost directly overhead to more of a 60 degree angle with the horizon, but there were still a few hours of light left. The gates of the city were wide open, and as they approached, a single guard stopped them.

    “Hail, travellers!” He said friendlily, looking at Larhalt and Soraka quizzically. “What brings you to the Magick City of Gariland?”

    ”Nothing in particular. We’re simply travellers, new to this land. We just want some supplies and beds for the night, and we’ll be on our way.” Larhalt quickly spoke, improvising.

    “I see. You say you’re travellers, correct? Where did you come from?”

    ”The castle near here housed us for a time, however we thought better of taking advantage of their hospitality.”

    “The one lying northwest? Eagrose?”

    ”Yes, we-“

    “Oh, please come in! You should have mentioned this earlier. It would have saved all of us some trouble.” At this, the guard got up, and led them into the city, directly to an open plaza. However, the warriors became nervous when they realised – it was empty. Completely deserted.

    As one, guards began piling out of the woodworks, and the once friendly guard’s face turned sour. “Castle Eagrose has been deserted ever since the time of Heretic Ramza, last of the Beoulve name. If you did not know that, you can only be spies sent by Ordallia, or whichever other country thinks it can invade Ivalice. It would explain your strange appearances, and your odd manner of speech.”

    “If you thought it would be so easy to simply infiltrate Gariland, you are sorely mistaken. Should any of you survive, take this to your master. Ivalice is under the protection of King Delita Heiral. Any invaders will be met with the death penalty!” The townsguard all unsheathed their weapons, and as one they charged the group of warriors.
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    posted a message on △ E P H E M E R A L ◇ S U M M E R S ▽ C A M P F I R E
    Username: god
    Discord: discord is gay
    Band position: secondary vocals + guitarist

    Name: Ash Nick-Mills
    Nickname: People in school would call him Nick or Milly just as often as they would call him Ash, so he considers those nicknames if they even count.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: 19
    Birthday: October 22nd.

    Ash has black hair which is shaven down to almost baldness on the sides and back of his head, while the top of his hair has been texturized, twisted and styled into little ‘spikes’ that freely flop wherever they please, giving the appearance of a messy, yet still somehow well-kept head of hair.

    He has soft, chocolate coloured eyes and skin of a similar shade. He has a very athletic, if somewhat lean build, having played a lot of sport in the past and in his free time, as well as being a regular at the gym. He stands at a relatively average – at least, compared to what he’s used to – six foot, and weighs a solid 90 kilos of what is pretty much pure muscle.

    His nose is perfectly straight, as are his teeth, which he takes care to brush every morning and evening. His skin used to be quite bad, but years of care have turned what was rough and prone to breakouts completely soft and smooth, as long as his uptake keeps up.

    To him, Ash sees nothing particularly special about his dress sense – he wears what was normal for someone like him to – any combination of expensive hoodies, sweatshirts, chinos, trousers, shirts and tees that he had gotten from Ralph Lauren or Jack Wills, as well as his – and every boy’s – guilty pleasure, a collection of shorts that paired with the main event, a horde of floral and Hawaiian shirts he lovingly titled his ‘**** shirts’. He pairs these off with nice trainers or loafers, sometimes even sliders depending.
    Faceclaim: Wes Nelson

    Ash is extremely extroverted and confident, being very used to being thrown into awkward social situations where you would think he’d feel out of depth or out of place, as well as also gained confidence of and an appreciation of the musical stage through his experiences at school. He likes joking almost constantly, not taking much seriously, and has the typical British dry wit and dark sense of humour to go along with it.

    He’s more intelligent than you would think at first glance too – many subjects and topics most would view as exceedingly complex come rather naturally to him, if at the expense of sometimes he misunderstands the simpler things unless he takes a closer look, believing them more complicated than they are or have to be.

    Ash is friendly and easily approachable, taking pride in the ease he has on speaking to others and making friends. His charm and humour also make him quite attractive to the opposite gender – something he also very much enjoys, some would say too much.

    He enjoys getting a few friends together for a nice, quiet meal where they can talk about what’s going on with them and just spend time bonding as much as he enjoys getting those same friends to get drunk out of their minds with him and go out to a random club, or going to a house party with everyone he knows – that’s relevant, at least.

    However, there is a bit of a caveat to all of this – Ash lives quite a high-paced, high-adrenaline life. While he understands and accepts that some people don’t enjoy that sort of lifestyle, he has little patience for it, quickly getting bored with people who don’t really ever do anything with the group or go out anywhere. He has an even dimmer view of those who actively condemn it – in his eyes, you can be boring if you want and he’ll still like you, but trying to ruin everyone else’s fun is crossing a line.
    • A frosty pint and a warm meal at a cosy pub
    • Necking birds
    • Getting loose
    • Redheads
    • Blondes
    • Brunettes
    • Tends to default to a burger and a pint at the pub if he has nothing to do and money to burn
    • Almost constantly joking
    • Often asks himself rhetorical questions and then answers them immediately afterwards
    Fears and Dislikes:
    • Cheese (but crucially not pizza)
    • Gin
    • Having to tell girls he’s not interested
    Home Town: Born in Marbella, Spain, lived most of his life in a village in Surrey, along with going to school in Harrow.
    Brief Bio:
    Ash was born in Marbella, to Mark Nick and Shannon Mills. Both his parents had chosen to retain their surnames at marriage, a relatively common thing for people of their status, so Ash’s name contained both of theirs – hence, Nick-Mills.

    The family continued to live in Marbella for two years – they were there on account of Shannon’s job, being a businesswoman. Mark also had quite a high-paying job, being a programmer, but more often than not he was capable of working at home, so for those two early years he was Ash’s primary caretaker.

    Once Shannon’s contract was done, the family moved back to Shannon and Mark’s country of birth – England. The two bought a house in rural Surrey, and that is where Ash spent most of his days. Even from his first few days in school, Ash was a natural people person, quickly making friends with the other kids his age.

    He was a member of his school choir from the age of 7, and by his last year in his prep school was also its chairman, already having achieved a Grade 7 singing certificate. In addition, he also went through phases of playing multiple instruments on the side, starting with the recorder, and going through with the piano, drums and violin before eventually settling on the guitar, which he had reached Grade 4 in by the time he left prep school.

    He captained his year’s rugby team three years in a row, and was also not a bad hand at cricket, though at football he was one of the worse players on the pitch, though still perfectly capable. In the classroom, he was an ace at science, maths and IT, and due to being forced to read even if he didn’t want to by his parents, he was also one of the best at English. He wasn’t amazing at the other classes, but was still consistently one of the top students in every category.

    Due to the high-paying jobs his parents had, Ash grew up with only the most expensive and finest things he could ask for. Miraculously, he didn’t even end up too spoilt because of it, only really gaining a tendency to ask for some money whenever he felt like he needed some, which his parents were more than happy to oblige with.

    When he began approaching the end of Year 8, Ash and his parents started looking for where he would go to school for his GCSEs and sixth form. They took in a lot of options, but all three agreed that a public school would be best. Looking at academic results, as well as the sports ladders and extracurricular activities available at each school, Ash decided that his two top choices would have to be Eton and Harrow, and so sat Common Entrance for both.

    He aced the interviews for both schools, and was free to choose either. In the end, he decided Harrow would be the better choice due to its proximity to London, and prepared to join the school. Unfortunately for Ash, he hadn’t realised something – Harrow had no girls in it. When he arrived and found this out, he wasn’t entirely happy. However, this was a blessing in disguise – the lack of girls meant no distractions due to puberty, and that was sorely needed.

    At Harrow, Ash quickly found that he wasn’t the end-all be-all all around best student there like he had been in prep school. He was on the top end of most, if not all categories sure, but still not the best. In addition, the school timetable was crushing, when taken into consideration with the sports timetable as well. Plus, he also had choir, and singing and guitar lessons to take as well, decreasing his free time even further.

    But Ash rose to the challenge. He was never the ‘best’ at any subject again, but he was in the top set for everything. He captained the 2nd XV in lower sixth and the 1st XV in upper, as well as becoming a music prefect that year as well. He attained Grade 8 singing and guitar, led the choir for his final two years, was a member of The Guild and Philathletic Club, and attained a perfect 11 A*s at GCSE.

    Despite all this work, his social life didn’t suffer in the least however, making many new friends at Harrow, spending entire weeks in London with them going to parties, or taking a few out (with assorted girls they knew of course) to his family’s holiday home – the house in Marbella he had lived in for two years as a baby.

    At A Level, Ash attained a D2 in Pre-U Maths and Further Maths, a D1 in Pre-U Chemistry, and an A* in Computing. He received a place at Oxford which he chose to defer for a year while he decided what he really wanted to do. He spent the year out travelling Asia and Eastern Europe, trying his best to survive without his parent’s money.

    Instead, he would earn money through his music, which also helped in keeping up his skills while he travelled the world. Near the end of his trip, he heard about the Nova competition on a phone call back home. Interested, he asked his parents for cash for the first time in a year, came home, and left once again as soon as possible, headed for San Francisco. Hopefully Oxford can wait another year.

    Ash is a fan of her energy, and is an advocate of her prank-playing. While it's not really something he'd do by himself, it's a pretty fun actiivty, and Aelle herself is fun to be around, so it's no big deal. She's also perfectly up for actually doing things instead of staying cooped up 24/7, which is also a major factor in his like of her.

    The kind of person that Tiff is is rather new to Ash, surprisingly. Most, if not all, the people he had associated with in the past, while some being more eccentric than others, at the very least all had a sort of groundedness to them which Tiff seems to lack, and it somewhat intrigues him. It also helps that she's the closest to his age, and is a lot of fun to be around. As an aside, he also happens to think Tiff is the fittest one in the house, though that fact is kept under lock and key.

    The fact that she actively pushes people away is enough to irritate Ash, and for that reason, along with her somewhat buzzkilly nature, Ash steers clear whenever possible. He doesn't need that in his life.

    He's perfectly agreeable and likeable, just... incredibly boring in his eyes. They rarely speak, and not because of any dislike, but rather simply because Ash can't think of anything to say to him.

    Ash has somewhat of a soft spot for Josh. He recognises his kindness, as well as his struggles due to his introversion, and so does his best to try and genuinely become his friend, to try and bring him out of his shell a bit more.

    Similarly to Josh, Ash does speak to Nicole when she's about. They aren't on bad terms by any means, just they aren't necessarily really friends.

    Ash likes Kade. He's very similar to the types of people who were at Harrow and who were in his friend groups, and so finds it incredibly easy to talk to him as if he were just some random person. The only real annoyance he has is his tendency to be a buzzkill, but even then he recognises that there is a good reason for it, so he lets it slide.
    Speaking color: #8a3324
    Theme song: The Beach Boys [Pet Sounds] - Sloop John B

    Writing Sample:
    Ash stepped out of the Uber, thanking the driver before he sped off. He took a quick glance around, before asking himself, ”Now where the **** am I going?” He looked up. ”Oh, there. Don’t know how I missed that.” He answered, seeing the massive queue of people waiting for their shot at this whole thing. ”This is peak, mate. Alright, well. Now or never I suppose.”

    As he waited in line, he looked around at the surroundings he found himself in. He'd never been to America before, but so far it looked about the same as what he had seen from all the movies and TV. It was different from what he was used to, but not that impressive considering.

    He then turned his gaze to the people in the line. Some were nervous, some were confident, and others still were simply just cocky. Whether they had the talent to back that up was still up in the air. Neither of the two flanking him seemed all that confident, and their anxiety also meant they had no real interest in speaking, instead worrying about their imminent test. Ash took it admirably, though, simply choosing to ignore it, smiling to himself.

    “Name, age, band position?”

    Ash blinked, zoning back into reality. He glanced at the drab, bare room and the bored looking judges, before silently and quickly collecting himself, a friendly smirk appearing on his face. ”Oh, Ash Nick-Mills, I’m nineteen, and um, was wondering if the listed positions could change or anything? I’m a singer and guitarist, so I’d prefer to go for a spot that has both, if that’s alright. If you can’t do that it’s not a problem, I’ll just pick one or the other-“

    The judge interrupted, bored tone as prevalent as before. “You can apply for both if you want, but it’ll just make it harder-“

    ”Safe, cool. I’ll do that then.”

    The judge paused, before continuing. “Right. Anything that makes you special?”

    “I’m Grade 8 in both singing and guitar, was a Monitor for music at Harrow as well as a member of The Guild, have competed in and won multiple national musical competitions in the UK, and most importantly…” Ash paused, pointing at his face before continuing, ”I’m also pretty fit.”

    The judges stared at him blankly.

    ”Not a fan of the humour then? Okay, gotcha. I’ll just play for you then, shall I?”

    Picking up a guitar, Ash took a moment to quickly think of a song, before instantly going into the initial guitar lick of a song a friend of his was a huge fan of, called Eternal Loop. It was sort of seven and a half minutes long, but it was the first thing he thought of, so he stuck with it.

    By the time he finished playing – flawlessly, he might add – those bored looking judges had started looking impressed.
    “Good show. You’ll receive a letter by email and at home telling you if you’ve been accepted. Thanks for coming.”

    ”Cheers for having me, it’s been fun. If there’s any competition, just remember I’m probably fitter than they are, so I’d likely be the better choice, yeah?”

    “We’ll bear it in mind.”

    Ash chuckled, before leaving the room.
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    posted a message on The Official HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thread! ┌(・。・)┘♪
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    posted a message on ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - I Don't Wanna Feel Blue Anymore~
    I used to think of myself as really unattractive.

    When I was a kid, I had amazing self-confidence. Everyone liked me, and I liked everyone else. Everything was great, but then I happened to move. When I did, it was to entirely new country. I didn't know anything or anyone, and the same could be said about me from their perspective. And so on the very first day of my time at my new school, on the first break I had, and the first time I had left my class room, I got bullied by the first person I spoke to.

    It made sense, thinking back. The reason was clear - compared to a lot of them, I was quite well off. I spoke in a different accent, had a different air... a tangent, but actually in my last few weeks, when my art teacher found out I was leaving to go to boarding school, she outright said to me she always knew that I wouldn't stay there.

    It was a miserable few years. Eventually, after two, I started to fit in, but I was still working my way up from the bottom of the food chain. Any semblance of my self-confidence was gone, and I could see and feel myself changing to fit their mold, rather than staying who I was.

    At the end of the fourth year, I left to go to boarding school, confidence shattered, social awareness destroyed, and self-esteem lowered. I expected the same treatment there, or at least similar. So imagine my surprise when it was much the opposite - any ribbing I received was good-natured, all in good fun. Banter. It was never malicious like it had once been.

    That alone didn't really help, but slowly I started to regain the confidence I once had. And once I did, I noticed people looking at me differently, like you. There wasn't any difference in the behaviour towards me, at least explicitly. I started getting invited to parties. Had my first drink. And had girls actually be interested in me, as insane as that seemed to me.

    And it wasn't a one time thing. It kept happening. And it made me realise - just because I thought something because some idiot kids had told me it didn't make it true. Just because I couldn't see what people were interested in in me didn't mean it wasn't there.

    Whew, this got away from me. The point I'm trying to make is that it makes sense to be nervous, especially because you might think that people see you in a less-than-positive light. But that's fine, it's normal. Just try regardless, and you'll see it's not really as bad as you think, and especially that the assumptions you make about yourself aren't true. It'll help you become truly comfortable in your own body, and if nothing else, I think that alone is worth enough to put the effort in.
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    posted a message on ♢ Clarion: The Last Light ♢ The Power of Eight

    We'll keep going, can't be afraid
    That's where the seeds of doubt are laid
    We can't give up, our final stand
    Only we can save the land

    A lull in the conversation came as Ianthe left the group, before it was swiftly cut short by the red haired one. What was his name? He was the most annoying, so it would make sense to know. "New plan: Eliora wrestles it." he stated, still referring to the stupid idea of battling a bear.

    Like any sensible person, the captain – Eli… Elly? – completely ignored him. ” Uh, I think the trees were the most agreed-upon location, so trees it is.”

    “What a stupid conversation.” Callum muttered under his breath.

    “Please tell me there’s leafy trees up here. I need a blanket.” spoke the markswoman. True to her word, she was shivering.

    “You didn’t bring one?” asked the captain incredulously.

    At the same time, Callum responded. “Use snow. It’ll keep you warm.” The seemingly sarcastic response was actually completely genuine – after all, he’d heard of structures called ‘igloos’ made entirely of ice and snow that worked as shelters. Surely snow could work in that case?

    “Or a bear pelt.” Callum grit his teeth.

    “What can I say, my priorities are busted.” The blonde paused, looking up at the trees. “Great. Coniferous.”


    “Pine trees.”

    “Oh, right. Gotcha.”

    “Idiot.”Callum muttered.

    “’Scuse me for not going to college.” Ginger replied, rolling his eyes. “I’ve got better **** to do than to learn about cornipitous trees or whatever.”

    “It’s elementary knowledge, you simpleton.” Callum stressed. “There’s a difference between not seeking further education and being an utter cretin.”

    The mechanic – Cen-something – ignored them, speaking to Elly, “We could set the charms to surround us, depending on how strong they are they should keep us safe if we remain inside the perimeter.”

    “Sounds like a plan for the night,” she responded. “Good thinking.”

    "Says the guy with zero social skills and about as much personality as a brick. To be frank. I'm not looking for a fight. But I won't take being called stupid lightly, either.” continued Rusty.

    “Again, there is a difference between lacking a personality and simply choosing not to share it. You seem to forget that this is a job, not a social outing.”

    Eleanora sighed, before moving in. “Let's set up the camp first before we start killing each other.”

    "When did I say this is a social outing?" asked Firebrand.

    “I'm far too tired and cold to be dealing with murders.” chimed in the white mage – Lex, he remembered that one.

    “Don’t worry.” Callum muttered. “He’s not nearly worth the effort of fighting.”

    "That's funny. I could take you down if you didn't just throw a thunderbolt in my face."

    Callum mind momentarily froze at the idiocy in that statement. Did he really- Well yes, he had. He completely missed the markswoman’s words as he fired back with a retort of his own.

    “Oh wow, you could take someone down if they didn’t defend themselves?” He asked, voice positively dripping in sarcasm. “Wow, how impressive. I wish I was as strong and as talented as you!”

    Damn right you do.”

    Callum blinked. He hadn’t even… He didn’t even realise his own idiocy. Not only that, but he hadn’t even picked up on the sarcasm. I can’t deal with this idiot anymore. His hand sparked once in preparation for-

    “Mr Capulet, be silent before you discover exactly how many bones I need to break before you are silenced. Mr Merric, please leave the child alone.”

    Lex’s words stopped him in his tracks. He thought briefly about what he had been about to do in a fit of anger and- Words escaped him. Why had he been so angry? Carrot-top’s words had never gotten to him like that before, so why now?

    “Guys, let’s actually get to work. This instant before the killer bears or whatever find us.” said the captain.

    Callum sighed in an attempt to compose himself before he responded. “Yes, you’re right. I’m not in...
    the best of moods. I apologise for that. It was unbecoming.”

    Lobster sighed as well. "Just...let's get this stuff set up for tonight."
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    posted a message on [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon
    that's not at all the point of those endings, they're there so players who let units die for whatever reason see what effect that has on the world around them. it's exactly the same principle as the extra units in shadow dragon - it's not a reward for purposefully killing units, rather the game saying 'you ****ed up so you get this thing now'.
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    posted a message on [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon
    you've also missed my point - i wasn't talking about characters reaching an a support and getting a paired ending, i'm talking specifically about if the game has a literal marriage mechanic - where they outright get married to each other and the game refers to them as lovers/husband and wife. in that case, the mechanic is tied to children - the only case where it meant anything other than just that was FE4, and that's because there was a support bonus of sorts for married characters wherein they gained a crit boost should they been adjacent to one another. that's what i mean by saying if you advocate for one you advocate for the other.
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    posted a message on [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon
    chris you do realise that marriage and children are intrinsically tied to one another right

    by advocating for one you are advocating for the other.

    also I don't understand your hatred for sov considering it literally has every single thing you listed above (well not alternate paths but certainly different ones) and it's probably as closer to the feel of binding blade than any other game post shadow dragon is but whatever
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    posted a message on The -=OFFICIAL=- Azurilland Chatterbox Topic v.53!
    Chillin' out with the crew in the schoolyard/
    Findin' trouble, never lookin' too hard/
    Well back at class they never taught us this/
    Some things you've gotta learn, hit or miss/
    Tough times/
    Hard climbs/
    We'll take 'em on together!/
    Right now/
    Let's go!/
    Yu-Gi-Oh! G X/
    Generation X/
    Game on, get your game on/
    Come on, you better play your cards right/
    Game on, get your game on/
    We'll make the grade and win this fight/
    We'll make the grade somehow/
    (Yu-Gi-Oh! G X)/
    Game on, get your game on/
    Come on, you better play your cards right/
    Come on and get your game on!/
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