Personal Info

AKA Pixel or Faith Gender ♀ (Female) About Myself

Been playing since 2011!

Games played (from first to last):Black, HG, Platinum, Sapphire, LG, W2, X, Pokken Tournament, Moon

(I've played some pokemon ranger, pinball, and mystery dungeon on emulator)

Favorite:HG (but Moon is a very close 2nd!)

Favorite types:Fairy, water, grass, ghost, psychic, dark

Favorite pokemon YTers: Marriland, Jwittz, Sephazon, TamashiiHiroka, RenaeCollects

I'm also a frequent artist and it all started with me drawing fan art of Marriland's nuzlockes. ^^

Time Zone AZ


FC 4725-8953-5247 IGN Faith (Moon) Favorite Pokémon (Tough...) Gengar Pokémon Interests
  • Breeder
  • Shiny Hunter
  • Collector
  • Nuzlocker