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[11-27]Hello friendly reader!

Pleasure to welcome an aquintence or friend here! I'm Star, currently and still living in The Netherlands. At the moment I'm 18 years old but on November 30th I'll be 19.

Currently I moved into my 3rd year of University. I'm studying how to be an mathematics teacher but I'm also taking English classes. Some are about the language, Cambridge Profiency English and others are about teaching in a secondary language. I'm following those extra English classes because my goal is to teach in both my original language and English. That's what the future most likely will be. Some highschools already offer a bi-langual system where the students get different subjects in English! I wanna be a part of that.

Other than studying, is that I love to sing. I will always be stick with a song in my dead whether I like it or not. There is no escape from it. Think about it like an background radio playing all day long. Sometimes it's handy if you don't wanna think about stuff and then you just press the volume up.

Whenever I have the time I love to draw too. I'm working to get better and you can really see improvements on my wall. Yes, whatever drawing I have drawn and is good enough is on my wall, it's a sort corner in my room above my desk where hang about 20-25 drawings. 

On top of that I am an writer and I love to write poems, yet however I am currently writing a story too. You can find me on DevaintArt as Stralend, and there is both my art and writings. 

Then I love swimming more than everything. It makes me calm down, gives me energy but also takes a lot of my energy. Next to that is cycling. I can do it all day long. Just going through the city center and seeing stuff or on holiday cycling over 250 km through the country just for fun. And that all in a time of 2 weeks.

So yeah if I'm not here, I'm most likely outside or playing Fire Emblem Conquest, Pokemon XY, AS or League of Legends on both the NA and EUW server.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all of this! I'm sorry it was so so so much to read but I just also love to write!
See you around~


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